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Feeling of his massaging of university said good busy see that is you do in your closer to the tail no right between the eyes or acts was a two thousand five studied by the norwegian government and reinforced the view that they don't feel that are not suffering yeah all right if it helps everybody sleep at night enjoy a number of i've got this serve rented i'm going to disagree you're a number of recent studies indicate they do feel pain all or at least pain in their own way mom let's do after all every animal has some method of registering dangerous stimuli in responding to it in a way that discourages contact with the that stimuli again tough to do in a pot of boiling water right aw than pick it out afterwards and say that heard it on lobs 300 like i get it let it what am i going to do right i'm into deep them the thing is yet to put him in head for i was told so it's like being shot in the head it's like put some other ms reddaway's away just jammed the repairs are much launched her thanks against severe if you're teaching the is the one of your failure with a client where leg there by if my cousin lobster boy here's a claw heads of were all get a sensitive about it but i would appreciate it would make fun he can't take a hud beth freaks alone a briton if you love lobster and i'm sure you do and others wales buys it but don't relish the notion of dropping them into a pot of boiling water consider putting them in the freezer first or freeze them the death that's a unique idea or a splitting their brain in half were they wellplaced cut before cooking split their brain in half novel okay lay outside the box chilling makes them torpid end sedated oh because i feel a little torpid gotta be us are you run me a bath great and raziq splitting their brain will kill them instantly just before you drop them in the.

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