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David Letterman went on to strike a multimillion dollar deal with CBS, his new show with tape in New York an air opposite Jay Leno. For the past twenty years the two comic legends and rivals have gone head to head in the ratings with an almost even split. So. You sat in all those years everybody expected you to be the air. Did you also in your somewhere in your subconscious think you would be the air not subconscious I had a meeting and they said We want you to take Johnny's job and we're here's how we're going to do it. We just want to make sure that you're interested in this and and then we're going to call the so and so and then we think that it'll be a combination where you start filling in and then eventually Johnny Goes A. so they had this conversation we had two meetings and I finally said, this is great. I said have have you told? Have you mentioned this to Johnny? And they said, well, no, we haven't. We haven't mentioned this to Johnny and I said well. You know I, I can't have this conversation until I know that it's okay Johnny and that's the last I heard. So it wasn't just me wanting in hoping. There was a conversation they had they had reached out to me but I understand that what they wanted was completely self-serving. They wanted to continue to maintain the show so that they can make a lot of money. Now what NBC wanted turned out to be something different. So I really I can't complain about that. You know you can't force somebody to want you. Deserve to have that spot. Deserve no should have had I was disappointed that I didn't get it but I never thought. I never felt like something had been ripped for my comes. That's a fair answer. Okay. So you know there is an assumption over the years that because you didn't get it and Jay Leno did that that's where the rivalry between the two of you started. Is that true? No No. Jay and I were friends. We were always friends before all of this happened. He has away. He's an unusual fellow I've I've never met..

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