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Providing you can afford to purchase the divvy that it takes to become a master note that allows you could do that by getting in touch with the divvy team over at Debbie Project or G'kar. And then you can earn Debbie from doing the master, notably duties. That's what master notes. Do. They do special tasks for the network and get rewarded for it. And can you do have to have some divvy in order to create that butt? And once you've got the Debbie it's super easy to become a master. No, Debbie has made it easier than any other crypto currency I've ever heard of DV project out or go. I've done it. I've gone through the process is very simple. The Ivy. I project dot or GCI in an aria here as we go into the story from vice dot com And I can't read the title of this story. I'm not surprised. Censored. It is from Vices Motherboard section, which is technology section of Vice Your blank is mine now. Hacker locks Internet connected Chester D Cage demands ransom from Lorenzo Franceschi became real. No, I have so so very many questions about this. Oh, yes, but I think they have to wait. Okay. Well, we'll get into this year, a hacker took control of people's Internet connected chastity cages and subsequently demanded a ransom. Be paid in Bitcoin to unlock it. Your blank is mine now, except it didn't say blankets, the C word, the hacker told one of the victims, according to a screen shot of the conversation obtained by a security researcher that goes by the name smelly. And is the founder of VX Underground website that collects malware samples. Okay, how did this person Received the message. That's I'm not clear on that yet. Theo act in October of last year, security researchers found the manufacturer of an Internet of things Chester the Cage, which is a sex toy that users put around their Penis to prevent erections that is used in the BB, sm community and can be unlocked remotely. So in the old days as I understand it, and I'm not, you know into you know much kinky things. But I've heard of Chester the cages before the old days, you might have had a key. The chastity cage where you would give that to? You know the person who was the dominant person I presume in the relationship right? And they would hide the key or do whatever what they would do with the key to require the person to do whatever they need to do to get it. Well, now the key is gone. Now The key is Elektronik. See that though stupid And look, this is what Why would you do that? In a world where rest somewhere exists? I don't understand. This is what smart driving an Internet connected car is. Everybody is even more stupid than this Because we're approaching a time. One day of someone in their Internet connected cars could be driving down the road is gonna say Hey, We have control of your car. Hey, us in Bitcoin? Yes and Bitcoin or we're going to drive you into a tree. Yeah, well, it's only a matter of time..

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