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And administrative jobs. Find a location. All right. Thanks. Mike will get back to you in just about 10 minutes. We do have some storms out there and we're just getting word of a brand new, severe thunderstorm warning from the National Weather Service from parts of Norfolk in Worcester and Bristol counties in Massachusetts till 7 15. This is the storm right now that I'm seeing on the radar. It is located right by Webster, and it's making its way through parts of central Mass kind of straddling the mass pike. Making its way over toward 1, 46 and parts of 3 95. The weather service says this storm could have penny sized hail 60 mile an hour wind gusts will be sure to keep that in mind. These storms out there popping up tonight really fueled by all this hot, sticky weather we've got out there tomorrow We could see a bit more of the same, but tonight not really cooling off much lower than 80 degrees highs again tomorrow in the upper nineties. Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBZ NewsRadio. 91 degrees right now in Boston, but it feels like 99 degrees at 6 15. Good evening. I'm Nicole Davis. Good to be with you tonight. Here are the five things you need to know. Fire crews from all over Greater Boston on scene this hour at a multiple alarm fire in Revere on Height street. WBZ TV reporting Several residences have burned. State is confirming 63 new covid cases tonight. Seven day average positivity rate up 2.33%. Man has died after he was pulled from the water near Peggy Beach in situ it and man from ducks very is being ordered held without bail accused of murdering his father at Island Creek Pond..

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