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Go. And I talked to Richardson hall of Famer Rickey Jackson, and my good friend Harvey on that I play with immune all asking the same question. Why didn't they run tarred girly? What was up with that? I mean, I just don't understand why we didn't run the football. That is one of the things that is kind of perplexed me all year sometime with all these all these new coaches, they don't want to run the. Football. They get caught up in in this newfangled offense. We're gonna we're gonna do this. We're going to do all these kind of things, and I just didn't see the same Rams football team. I really didn't and was disappointing. Yes. It was you. Punt the ball eight times we never gotten a red zone. Once we have to the school. We had to kick a fifty three yard field goal. We just never got on on on pace. And I gotta give that credit to Bill Belichick. I mean, he did to the Rams with no one else was able to do even we plan bad. And to me it was just a game that we never got on track. And we got never got on track because of coach check, and and Sean McVay, I gotta say a young coach, you know, he was playing checkers and Bill Plante shit. You know that that's what it looked like. And and for me, you know, it's frustrating. But I gotta say I'm glad I don't play 'cause that's left. Great that night after. If I was playing I slept it home, and And you you know, know, the the film. film doesn't He doesn't know. know. But. Loosely? You just can't, ma'am. But I I have to give it up to coach check in the patriots. And they they beat us. I'm disappointed that Sean McVay didn't make the adjustments. I saw no adjustment. He just came in with a game plan. And when that game plan didn't work he just tried to make it work. Give EDU. Remember, you growing up? And you say Coachman, they got like ten guys the line of screaming, they go work make it. They weren't. No, no is not gonna work. I don't care what anybody says. I don't care what talked early tiger Lee was not healthy tiger had three rushing attempts against the saints. Todd Todd Gurley didn't have the explosiveness that eighteen yard run. That's a thirty yard run. Target is healthy Tigers more explosive than what I've seen him over the land you buying that. I'm not eating. I'm not buying this. I'm not buying it. I just you know, he said to me, I'm healthy, you know, Sam how this time of season, you know, your body's. Out the same. Do you ever ride the bike stationed everybody? When you the player win Win had had. Tigers more time on the bike than it did on the field. I know that's there's should. That's what bothers you ever. See a running back lose his confidence. Did you ever see a head coach suddenly decide Layton season? I got this other guy. I love this other guy, and I'm gonna ride this other guy. And all sudden, you're stunned. Your star is not sure who is anymore. He came in tippy toeing me like he wasn't hitting the holes with the thority in the confidence. He used to again. Maybe he's protecting the injury a little bit. But I I've seen I've seen players Lou. I've told not great I I don't think he lost this. I think the one thing is sometimes these coaches deal..

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