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You know listening to them as well and and what they're going through and just being accessible. and so that really helps me because the spirit I, I really am rooted in that you know. I have an alter office I, have a real support team around me. my team. That keeps me grounded meaning my team that that keeps city government running. they keep me rolling because the word just doesn't stop and we don't want it to stop. We want to be able to provide basic city services. In the time of this crises, because that builds hope, and it builds momentum. People need to see work. Continue to happen so. it's it's rooted and grounded in that spirituality. It really is and. I haven't been doing you know. Exercise I'm supposed to be doing. That I haven't been doing much of that. No I haven't, but I am. I. learn something new, and it's this. These homing mechanisms the. Just, Meditation Oh medical, meeting. Of that something new for me I think through this this crisis. We're doing a lot of things different. You I've. Paid, a lot of attention to my home having spent a lot of time there Created a garden so things that I maybe didn't have time to do. Yeah, four I just created space for me to do that now and it's helped me. It really has, and it's surprising holidays. Help me. But it has. You know every day I'm excited I take one day at a time. And it helps me also defeat. The bullies. That I've had to deal with this. Well, it's it's interesting being a woman, a black woman in in the south. Yeah it's it's very interesting. Having a family being a mom. So I'm learning. You know it's it's something new. I've never been in this situation before and Pandemics Avenue but the way that we responded in our country is new. And and it has a lot to do with. how we're going to recover as well. I definitely need to get out in my yard and started a garden or something soothing and calming I think that's an excellent idea and I'm glad that you mentioned being a wife and a mother because I feel like even our day to day routines at home. Even when we're done working, have changed so much I joke that my husband has to go through TSA. Level D Jermain as it were. When he comes home. But how do you speak to your husband and daughter about this? What's the the family by like? In terms of how your life has changed or how you're meaning normalcy? It's been very interesting, so my husband He had a stroke in August. And so but he's. He's good, know he. He's good. He's blessed. Is Lord have mercy? And suffering from hypertension diabetes. Underline conditions that have had played a major role, and how are people have fared? Particularly African Americans have fared with this virus. And, so he's been at home. You know, say look. I have all the conditions. I'm staying at home. And would. Know. We check check Oh. This is real might yeah, so he's been sheltering in place at the house. A my daughter has been doing her remote instruction from school. She's twelve she didn't. Immediately she went into remote instructions so where school may have ended on Friday on site on Monday. It was online. And but seeing the change there from the excitement even of her being, you know excited about line the first couple of weeks getting dressed and all you know, but now it's like. Still, long you know in the bed and school is out next week, but it's it takes a toll on. You ask one of the things to at home. What I've been what my family is seen. You do more. And that's cleanup. Yes. It's been. It's been helping me though. So where I'll have someone like coming, help me once a week. Ms Cathy and so Ms. Cathy hasn't been able to come and help me. So I've been doing it everyone's pitch any, but it's like I like it and. This cat. Getting about feeling like. Like you're in control, and you really are not that facade, not pretending. How off kind got my balance back here? I'm in a groove. Yeah, and so that's empowering Mike. Yeah I. Know What you mean. Charleena I are both NEAT freaks Steph Berta. Cleaning, is really it? It is therapeutic it really it's like. This little part of your corner of the world it helps you control other things. Now. It's true in my daughter said to me, throughout the family life talking about this, my daughter said you now. She busted me out. Everything around your office is just so tidy it so now you know this that. and. Oh. So. We. Took this time to get straight at home, so she she's got new bedroom, said and even picking up minded. You know just those things. Yeah, you have to leave in the. Behind, and not because they're so focused on what's next? Over the epidemic, this pandemic has allow for some time. in it's how you use that time. To help you as well. And and I think that we're. We're finding the balance in that I know. I have absolutely now more than ever. Our homes have to be our thanks ury. US feel like it's okay to be at home. And then you have to face those issues whatever that home? That made ninety one be at home. It doesn't have to be a part, and it could be that Paulo bike me that box, of of paperwork. Signal were there that I just need to go through and discard stuff. In the shredder. and. You Trust yourself with. Yeah Now! I think I love what you're saying because I think it really speaks to especially for women, you know we take care of and working women. We are at work. We're handling our business, but then we're also taking care of our household where managing so many things, and you're just such a great example of how you can really have that balance and be great in all areas of your life, so I applaud you for that and I would love to even just say like you know if you have a PSA that you could give to other black women struggling with balancing all of those things and figuring out what to prioritize in this time..

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