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There was this whole really confusion in the air because what developed was two different ghostbusters movies were being made. One that was a complete rebrand, the one they made before, sure, and one that was supposed to be a more serious follow-up to the original movies, the one they're coming out with now. Yeah. And once the other one got ahead or got started making first, you had to separate yourself a little bit. They just kept delaying it and separating and waiting for the stink to wear off of it, I think. No, I honestly believe that is the thing. They had to wait and put some separation in between the two films. Because it was always going to be Ivan reitman's son. Jason Jason reitman. That was doing it. Always. And it was going to have the original cast and everything. Yeah. So yeah, this has been a long time coming, so that's pretty exciting. It's great. Check it out. Yes, check out that trailer. We've got two more trailers that I've seen. Go for it. One of them is book of boba. Oh, the book of boba. So the Disney+ show that's coming out. I believe in December or is it end of November? It is December. And I thought it was December. So it's coming out relatively soon within a month. And it's all about boba Fett's journey. After what you have seen in The Mandalorian, if you've watched The Mandalorian, and he's basically taking over Jabba the hut layer. And everything that he's done. So it looks pretty cool. I like the action, boba Fett is taking obviously the main stage here. And I'm in for it. I don't care what Disney+ does for a TV show with Star Wars. I am going to watch it immediately. Absolutely. Everything, especially if it looks like The Mandalorian, which this one absolutely does. Actually, I don't think it looks exactly like the ignorant. It seems a little less not exactly fantastical and a little more like original Star Wars. To me, I agree. No, I agree. But I thought Mandalorian felt that way to me too. It did, but it was very it had a chicness to it. Sheen to it. Okay. You know? Yeah. That I think was very fantastic or like what's the one I'm looking like fantasy like, yeah. And this feels a little more like Star Wars, the original Star Wars series. Yeah. It just has that aesthetic to it. So I think and I think that makes sense if they go that direction they got one, you know, they got two different things kind of going off. Yeah, it separates them. It will separate their paths finally. So no, it looks amazing. The trailer looks great. I can't wait for I'm obviously like a gigantic fan of.

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