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Domestic incident. And the victims were all known to our suspect. So at this point, we do not think that this individual is out targeting random people to shoot them. That does not mean that he's not dangerous is still at large. I do think that he is armed and means is very much neighbors. Broderick had been arrested for sexual assault of a child last June. The Travis County District attorney's office on Sunday filed a motion to revoke a previous bond his wife it filed for a protective order and divorced shortly after his arrest. Police say a motive for the murders is a known We've learned new details about the gunman behind the deadly mass shooting at a FedEx in Indianapolis last week. Correspondent Christina Coleman gunman has been identified as 19 year old Brandon Scott home. Authorities say it took him two Just a matter of minutes to shoot and kill eight people and then kill himself for the victims were shot and killed in the parking lot of the FedEx facility and form or were fatally shot inside the building Thursday night. In the wake of the massacre. President Biden, other Democrats called for stronger gun control laws. There's a new program in Fort Worth that will help people get back to work and provide meals for families in need. A Terran area Food Bank Taste Project and the Culinary School of Fort Worth are launching for works a Job Readiness pre apprenticeship program for careers in the Food service industry..

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