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You kinda did almost a plus minus for mex- Muncie which is not something you see in baseball all that often. But basically the dodgers have been outscored when he's not in the game and they've scored the brewers when he is in the game which of course he is only one small part of those teams that anyone time, but point as you wanna get your best bets in the game. And Dave Roberts is not really doing that with Muncie because he is adhering to the strict platoons and he's playing a certified playoff hero David freeze over Muncie in many cases, and the platoon advantage and disadvantage seems to make that make sense. But as you pointed up Muncie was just so good this year that maybe it overrides the platoon effect and you just kind of want him in there regardless. I think it does have ride the platoon effect, but even if you don't, it's close like it's not like he's two hundred points vote. Yes, battery against lefties and freezes. It's like it's like twenty or thirty. Point. So if if Dave Roberts thinks it frees is better against lefties than than Muncie is that fine? But if you're gonna do wholesale line changes like this fear to send five guys over the boards at the same time in the fifth inning, and you're only carrying five bench bats. Then I think, freeze just having freezes a body to come off at, come off the bench at the end of games is a bigger. He's more valuable there than whatever whatever defense, you know, I think freezes better defensive first baseman the Muncie. Certainly we saw that on the play. He made the got nullified by catcher's interference, a game one, which is incredible and nobody'll will ever remember it because it didn't want up counting. There are things that freezes better at or you can make the argument that the freeze is better at that Muncie. But this is the one of all the weird managerial moves starting freeze over months. He's the only one that that I will say is an, I don't know if you could hear me hitting the desk, but..

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