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Making that film was pretty nuts because it was fairly recent that she passed and we shot it in the town that they lived the family and in a house right down the street from the house that they lived and where she died. And everyone knew her in this town. It's a really small town called fairhope in Alabama. And I would go into it we'd go to a restaurant for dinner and the hostess would be like, oh, Nicole used to sit here and she would order this and it was just that's weird. That's not normal when you make a movie and people everywhere will tell you things about her. So I was constantly informed and constantly living in this. It wasn't on a stage. It wasn't totally fake. It wasn't it was very, very real and her daughters came to visit set and it was a really beautiful time. It felt like definitely being out of time and in a bubble. Yeah. So our 2020 comes comes around and all of our lives are thrown off track by the insanity of what happened in the spring and has been happening saints. But you did not, a lot of people, their inclination is to put on pajamas and order Postmates and just literally zoom in to work. You have been working at a pace that is probably faster than ever in different going from one bubble of a sort to another. But the one that I think was the first chronologically. And I think the one that we really are going to want to talk about the most is the last starter, which this audience just saw.

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