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Aside uh sure it helps them now the latest cbo scorecard me this is really weird stuff i don't really believe were the cbo but mitch mcconnell sattar mcconnell majority leader in the senate he's got a couple of hundred billion dollars uh steve moore in his back pocket because of the latest cbo s okay so my shoes my hunch is it's gonna go into the medicaid demands that are coming from these moderate uh senators but also governors they just there hooked on it it's an addiction they had 100 percent now it's going to drop down the ninety s there they they don't want to lose any more than ninety percent then ten percent and i i'm assuming the sara mcconnell will use the so called spare cash and by the way folks listening all phony mass really true it's just on paper but i think um you know instead of bridges to know where or you know judicial appointments at the local level uh mr macau's going to spend money on medicaid and try to bring the as she says the conservatives might come home on the cruise amendment for choice and maybe the modern so come home if we just give away the store on medicaid is pretty lousy policy to be honest with uber whatever gentleman i wanna turn to energy because you both written about energy within these last days an energy policy is also a critical component of the republicans success if there is to be one larry.

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