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To the MC football podcast talk with the Heisman floats and Thursday night football. Now, we're going on to another topic regarding the heismans I had this Mark. What how do you see these three finalists as NFL ready DC them doing better than the NFL? Do you see them more time to get better the NFL? What do you see here? It's a good question. So to these three are eligible to go into the pros this year Haskins can declare also Cairo Murray can decide to go to the NFL. He has options as we know that he's a baseball prospect. That's already been signed by the Oakland A's. So he can choose to play baseball. Now in terms of how they look at the next level. I think our Murray declared he might be the first quarterback taken. Now, I get it his size it's concerning. But hey, Russell Wilson is showing everybody that size isn't everything. You don't need to be six five in the NFL to be a great quarter. Bac cower Murray is very Russell Wilson. Like to me. He's smart. He's accurate, and he has deadly deadly mobility. I think he's being kind of overload as a prospect. I think scouts still fall in love with the traditional pocket passer the traditional size. You know what I mean? Yeah. Paxton Lynch, PECS Lynch was. I mean, he was looked at very highly gushing over Paxton Lynch at the combine like oh my God. This guy's six six has a can look at the foot word..

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