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John gutierrez allison becker helped with the punchup nick wider the other doboy so yeah a lot of really really cool funny funny people help to make this happen and it's it's awesome i'm so excited about it it's one of the most fun creative things i've done in a long long time and yeah i hope you subscribe right now like seriously take your phone out of your pocket right now and type in bubble and you can subscribe you can listen to the preview it's a it's such a blast like just from the very first episode it's a it's a total blast and you're gonna love it i listened to it driving up to my vacation with my family in the car there are some swears do not listen in front of children but you know you know if we think your children are mature enough to hear it if they can handle alternative universe drug use yes yes that there is a lot of yes there's a lot of alien blood being used to make psychedelics in this but i listened to it and i have to say it's scary to do some like it's genuinely scary like i love and trust you jordan and i love and trusted the work that you were doing and i was like well you know we know a lot of really cool people that can be in this and hopefully they'll do great and the you know the people that the people that we brought in to work on it that we didn't know we're doing an amazing job eric martin our director we didn't know previously yeah like everybody everything was amazing but i was like the proof is in the pudding in like maybe this sucks like maybe it just lies flat when it when it gets played and listening to the first the first rough cod of the first episode with all of the sound design that ben walker are sound designer made and everything it was like fuck now this is awesome it's fucking great it's really really cool i i want to be clear both of us hate everything we do yes everything i i've ever done this bad.

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