Paris, ALI, Subaru discussed on Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross


Now see people inside they have to maintain social distancing and it's hardly business as usual CBS news update on Peter king we have his body showers this morning but most of the showers will stay spot you should have some sun breaks but expect gusty winds until this evening it is fifty two of the carters Subaru studio looks like it's a magic six one seven three brought you by state roofing as far as casting the Seattle's morning news movie well you you run these down okay a two five three listener writes Gary Sinise should play Dave absolutely Lauren Graham as calling okay from the Gilmore girls like I can get down with that Denzel Washington is G. and Kevin James as solely I still think that mark Ruffalo is spot on for solely a two oh six listener thing strong McHale should place Ali okay fine another vote for ed Harris for Dave that was that was my casting for date was at Paris eighty two oh six listener once Ellie Kemper to play Rachel bell she's the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt makes sense as a great show and this might be the ed Harris and Gary Sinise and any other casting as as Dave because when I listen to this I thought okay a two five three Lister writes Gary chalk should play Dave he played Optimus prime and one of the transformers series so here is Gary chalk is Optimus prime as Dave Ross this battle has been a long time coming Galvatron knows it and I know it and winner takes all I would draw knows.

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