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I got. We exposed them in a segment. We call shit that should not be. Shoot, shoot. This shit that should be. Right. Fook got a mind of. Twice. Anyway, right. This comes from now. Oh, I don't wanna smell it. Amber Matteo from Indiana sent this one in the film, mysterious island from nineteen sixty one. I'm familiar with this picture. It is Jules Verne based on a Jules Verne novel. It's Ray Harry housing. Oh. One of the familiar with it doesn't ring a bell, mysterious island, captain nemo's in adults. Great. All kinds of fun stuff. It's about four civil war soldiers for the union who escaped from a confederate camp in a in a hot air balloon and the hot air balloon takes them to the Pacific and drops them off on the steers island. All these strange creatures live. And in this film, amber says the movie should've been called mysterious beard because there's a guy in this movie actor. Michael Craig was full beard scene. And then second later looking skeleton is no beard, and he's got a beard who's got no beer. It's. It's it's inexplainable that someone didn't say didn't have a fucking beard. When we were shooting in a minute ago. I don't know how. How is slip through the cracks. Please enjoy this week shit that should not be from steriods island. Here's the beard, pretty good, beard. A lot of beard working there does Michael Craig. He's looking at all these things in the cave. There's friends waiting for him. He's back in the cave. He's looking around and Nope. No. Let's go again. Here. Oh yeah. I no. Scared. He's got the beard again. On fucking believable. You know that when the shot at the like it's not like a perfect pause, we'll ever be invented. We'll take a look at all the entertainment news every week and talk about each and every story in the HBO headlines. Kevin alluded to earlier. Fox News.

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