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What did the Niners on scary though do that I mean if you had to go to San Francisco and what a playoff game no one of those places you're like oh I'm so scared to go to Levi stadium no not at all but also I just there's a part of me to want to see you I think that Russell Wilson is you start to finally get the respect that he deserves and right now the season was over he would win the NFL MVP don't you think yeah I think so I I mean right now he was a great game form tonight but that's a good forty Niners defense all a good guy five times how many times you see Russell Wilson sacked five times not very but one thing that I like about Russ is when he gets out of the pocket he's one of your quarterback said I know that can go back about four five yards but then also like to turn the corner get back to where the line of scrimmage is that and then make the play because sometimes quarterbacks like a Kirk cousins one thing that when he started back pedaling backpedaling you know there's no way he's going to be able to turn Jimmy around but Carter I'm Russ is spending is the night in an Russ Atlanta is hospital absolutely incredible it's for a procedure I mean to coming relieve out of a pressure Wisconsin on his at NC brain state caused I mean river by think bleeding that he was going to be the Carter this center good says nobody the bleeding thought was that caused because by Mr Carter's they recent were talking falls about his height CBS yeah news that's contributor the thing we're Dr somewhat David that yeah the a I mean get if some people of the don't procedures want to give his are very respect quick basically they're just glowing a well small hole in the brain and this draining the state hockey actually right that's causing the pressure this is so a hockey the procedure that's itself Kening so operating proclaimed state one hockey St will our hockey here recovery happens over the and next with Saturday that I think the we ninety invented five it right year old fell and broke his hip in may the now deposition we didn't transcript know it of a Deputy Assistant secretary of whole defense like is this released battle by the house intelligence committee it's all big part of news its impeachment I I inquiry ask you against this is president this a trump big story Laurie I saw Cooper it yesterday told members of the impeachment and panel that it was her understanding I was wondering that Ukraine how met stuff all is the going requirements to play out for some four hundred million dollars worth but of military this is and security gate but we're then gonna in July get a lot she of national began to hear reaction indications tomorrow that that money this was is being something held that up by the trump administration the news broke here for this a reason evening that was not and given you've got she said that a lot news of people concern looking at her and the National her fellow national Football League security in in in officials in Monday Night who Football wondered if such a and hold a lot of people was are illegal thinking about what what are the bill rank ray is **** going to be CBS able to talk about news play on Capitol Hill Mexico I think that this granting is gonna be asylum a big time to store Bolivia's tomorrow morning former president on first it aid comes a kit day and all after the different ever moralis shows resigned and stuff in the wake of massive and it has protests to do with are Adrian bar is in Mexico City a big the name US government when doesn't you talk consider about what happened in hockey Bolivia to be in a clue general and that specifically Mexico the National does Hockey League Mexico's top don cherry diplomat called it okay a regression hockey saying icon quote don military Shareef coups have fired never brought anything okay positive he's the iconic and it's not Canadian only Mexico hockey commentator the governments of Cuba he was fired Venezuela and Argentina all agree for comments the general on manager sportsnet of the San Francisco over Bay the Area weekend commuter train system he has made now some apologized on air remarks to a man who was handcuffed on and Saturday cited last week alleging for eating a say that the which country's on one of its immigrants platforms don't properly while eating honor is not allowed ball when on the platforms soldiers bart faced widespread criticism Sherri was eighty five this is CBS used news his coach's corner segment this year progressive on celebrate hockey seven years night in and Canada over seven hundred.

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