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I'm a champion. What show? Oh, don't ask me that. Yeah. Baron Corbin? I think it's SmackDown. Drew McIntyre? Yeah. All right. Yeah, well I win that one. Yeah. 6 tries. 6 guesses. And 6 guesses goes to Erin. Whatever. Yeah. I'll take whatever I can get. You God damn right. All right, fan questions. Kyle foxton, of all the people with a legit shot, who would be the most anti climactic winners of the two rumbles. For the women, Charlotte would be the worst, for sure. That would suck. Oh my God. Seamus. Oh my God. Fuck, yeah. Sheamus again? Oh God. Yeah. Doing. You son of a bitch. Sorry, anytime I see Dylan, I have to quote Arnold. Do you guys think that they will give Rollins the title at the Royal Rumble and or Lashley back to WWE Championship? Well, we're gonna do predictions in a few minutes. We'll get over it. You'll get you'll get that answer. Pop culture junkie. First, what's wrong? What's with Vince scoping on theories ass when he left the office? 'cause he's gonna shove the equalizer up there. Did you see the ass on that one? Yeah, he must work out. He must work out. Did you see theories, ass? That's tremendous. Yeah. Oh God. Listen to that again very quietly. I love you. Do the tremendous again, like he's staring at his ass. That's tremendous. Tremendous. Yeah. And did we really need a weigh in tag title celebration and Maurice's birthday all in one show? Got a fill in three hours? How's she gonna have on a wrestling show? Yeah. This is amateur hour. Jason cleaver, I'm doing my own rumble prediction sheet with a friend of mine where we draft potential rumble winners when I started not good enough. I guess not. If hypothetically, Rhonda and rock were both there, could you realistically have them lose? Of course not. Now, if the rocks are rumble, he certainly is not going to lose. Same with Rousey. Mario Rizzo, I know the buried they buried Rhea Ripley by teaming her up with the oompa loompa. That's harsh. But now that it's over, odds of her winning the women's rumble, she's gotta be the top credible female. Well, we'll see if any of us pick her. I have not seen Joe and Eric's answers yet. But I'm pretty sure I can safely say they did not pick Rhea Ripley. Well, no. Yeah, I'm right. Nick Ryder if you could choose 5 people to be in the Royal Rumble from AW, who would you choose? That's easy. Like Jericho, punk, MJF, Moxley. Moxley. All your favorite people, you want to see lose. Maybe Cody Rhodes so he's see if he's boot or cheered. Well, just so he could be stardust. Yeah. I want Cody Rhodes in it just so he can be eliminated by almost. No, Johnny Knoxville. I started the revolution. They just took completely screw over Cody Rhodes, like he had no clue who was gonna happen. And it goes to Vince back, saying she goes, how could you let that happen if it goes? It was Tony's idea. And then Tony's like, you're fired. Have fun in TNA fucker? Yeah. Right. Jalen Silva, I was in Toledo for raw and they were actually sold out. Do you think WWE should go back to the smaller markets for TV instead of the big cities where they have to pretend the arena is full. Holy Toledo, maybe it was a smaller arena until it. That's what he said. Did they have nothing like blacked out, you know? Yeah. 'cause they always have airy. What is the tarp off situation? Is tarped off? Or they just announce that it's sold out. Sometimes it's hard to see. Yeah, yeah, like WrestleMania. A 110,000 people. They're gonna save you know they're gonna break quote unquote, break the record because when they were last in Dallas, they said a 106,000 and then you find out there wasn't that. It was more like it was actually closer to the WrestleMania three fake number of 93,000. Right, yeah. Because the record is actually a Dallas Cowboys game for that stadium which was over a 100,000. But you know they're gonna lie and be like, we broke the other WrestleMania record 100 million people. Between both nights 400,000. Zaheen ramen name one match combination on the main roster. That's not a rematch. That's impossible. Nice trick. Not falling for that. Becky versus Rhea. There's a joke. All right, let's see. You're a joke. You're a joke. All right, it's time. Uh oh. For the Royal Rumble predictions. No peaking. I don't want to know who you guys picked until the time comes. All right, I'll come. Beer is beer here? All right, first up, we have the mixed tag team match, edge and Beth Phoenix versus Miz and Maurice. If you pick miss Maurice, you automatically lose. Oh. You lose. Yes, this time. You don't even have a chance. Okay. I assume we all have edge and Beth. Edge and Beth? Yep. I have Beth pinning Maurice. No shit. We all have that. I have the same. I thought for a minute, like, maybe she pins miss. Like, she might even give me the glam slam. Yeah, but they're still illegal. They're probably like, I don't know, I don't know. But if it's a woman on a man they might be like, that's all right. 'cause that's hot. Oh my God. So I'm Beth pitting Maurice and how many people interfere. I was gonna put four. Oh, like all other kids. Yeah, I got zero. Yeah, I got zero, right? Andrew zero. Cross that out. Fair match. Raw women's championship, Becky Lynch versus dewdrop. I've got Becky with a submission. Two drops gonna tap. I feel like they're gonna play the size of her, so Becky can't give her the man handle slim. All right. I have Becky with a pin. How many people interfere? Zero zero 7. Does Becky kick out of the banzai drop? I'm gonna say no. Rope breaks don't count. No. I'm gonna say no, I'm gonna think I think it's gonna be a rope break. She puts her leg on the rope. Yeah. And just do drop kick out of the manhandle slam. Hell no. I'm gonna say no. I'm gonna say yes. Really? Wow, yeah. Shut up. Yeah. Why? Why do John? Yeah. 'cause she's big. And you're giving me shit for a submission. So roll her up and cheat with. So she's been doing. Fine, fine, fine. WWE Championship, Brock Lesnar versus Bobby Lashley. He's going first. I have Lashley with a pin. Okay? Eric. I have listener with a pin. This was my hardest decision. For who I'm going to pick. I'm really like 50 50 on this, but I pick Brock. To retain, I have Brock with a pin. How many people interfere? I have two. I have three. I've won. Okay. My thinking is because Lashley's looks like he's turning face that like MVP tries to help him and then Lashley yells at him again. It'll fuck and help me. And then that causes him to lose and then maybe he drops MVP after that. And they make Bobby Lashley a baby face again, which none of this I like, but I think your theory of Roman, I think the universal championships first, I think he's out of the way, and then he cheats to screw over Lesnar and that's what sets up the WrestleMania match. I have a whole thing. Well, why would rains even care at this point? Trust me, I have a whole 'cause he hates him. I'll show you my whole thing as well. No. Just listener, break out of the hurt lock. It's gotta be locked in. I say yes. I'm gonna say yes this time. I say no. There's Lashley kick out of an F 5? No. Yes. Yes, everyone does. Yeah. Well, actually, multiple times. Everyone you mean Rollins? And Roman Reigns? Roman Reigns? Yeah. He's a big monster. Like, better take her everybody else. Yeah. Universal.

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