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Because there is this robbery between these two squats. Be real with me Manny. How much juice does it add that you will be playing the Dodgers in the next round? I think everybody wanted this series and we've been looking up at that all year and it's going to go out and try to just win three. That's all that matters and definitely the fans are going to be involved, going to the Dodger Stadium playing two and then going back home to San Diego. It's been a while since we got to play out there in front of our fans. So I was going to be epic, so it's going to be a hell of a ride. And it's a short ride back and forth between downtown San Diego and downtown LA. Manny, we appreciate the time go enjoy the celebration type with teammates. We'll see you against the doctor here in a couple of days. No problem. Thank you. Thank you guys. Appreciate it. Bleacher tweets already buster, bleacher tweets for a Mundy. Bleacher tweets are brought to you by Dr Pepper at 8 college football season without the delicious taste of an ice, cold Dr Pepper, the one fan deserved David crawley at date at crawley underscore David writes in if a team chooses a player for a playoff roster and in this case Craig kimbrell, that person's released and replaced on the roster during the postseason. I don't think I read that correctly. Yeah, well, anyway, at this point, can you release someone like Kimberly? Let's take Craig Campbell's name out of it and put a role this Chapman's name in it. Okay? Yeah, he can be released. Now, once he's put on a roster for a series, it has to be an injury that's approved by Major League Baseball. I've been fascinated to watch this Chapman thing happen because the Yankees are kind of struggling with for space in their 40 man roster tail. I think you agree with me. Now, from their perspective, you know what, dude, fine. Go home. We're cutting you in the midst of the playoffs. You head off into free agency. Oh my God, yeah, this is a no brainer. They can simply, I mean, he brings no value, I guess to this point. So why not let him go? He doesn't want to be there. So whatever. Mitchell at tigers of Detroit writes in, who has a better chance of pulling off the upset in the divisional series, the Phillies, or the Mariners. Yeah, I think the Mariners do just, look, you know, the Astros to me are prohibitive favor to make it to the World Series. They pick them to make of the World Series. I don't see the Phillies being the braves. I just don't. We'll see. Steven de Gunther at esta Gunther writes in with times announced for Tuesday with all four series. It's frustrating to have two games being played primarily during working hours, why not have overlap and have game start four, 6, 8, 9, or similar, surely early times won't grow the game, any idea for the solution. Buster, you know what I would say though, these times are really good for people who get paid to watch baseball. I don't have a problem with them, but what do you think about Steven's issue? No, I'm with you. I'm on baseball tonight this week. And I'm going to be fired up. I get sit and watch baseball basically from noon until 9 and just talk about what we saw in the games. That'll be fun. And by the way, you and I, Sarah, we got to get lunch this week. Yes, very exciting. I love when we can have a little bit of friendship time. Steven, there are only a couple of days just to answer the question. Look, there are only a couple of days during the course of the year in which this happens. Opening day, you know, first game of the wild card series, second day of the wild card series, maybe and of course on Tuesday. So I think everyone sort of lives with it. And yeah, if you're a fan of the guardians and your work and that game's going on, kind of stanks. And I think that reflected in some of the empty seats that we saw around ballparks in the divisions and the wild card series. Oh yeah, that was definitely noticeable. Adam adds that Adam ads writes in does the new playoff format give the wild card teams intangible advantages in the division series advantages like momentum and belief, what say you to Mariners and guardians in the ALCS. I don't know. I mean, we haven't fully seen the downside of playing in the wild card round manifest and that is having your pitching jumbled having your relievers taxed, I mentioned I'm picking the guardians to beat the Yankees in the American League championship series and not peck on the Mariners to beat the Astros. Don Irvine writes in the decision to leave, Chapman off the ALDS roster means that they are ready to part ways with him. Yes, I think that they were being professionally polite and keeping their options open and then when he didn't show up on Friday, I think all bets are off. So you. Matt, our friend eater of cheese whiz and master of spreadsheets, right? And you've said you like to root for the story. What's your biggest story from the wildcard round? Pool holes and yachty's careers close out. The Mariners fighting back in the Blue Jays collapsing, Scherzer's faulty start and the emergence of SpongeBob Gonzales. I got the Padres. I come back by the Mariners on Saturday was huge. But the Padres look good and they knocked off a hundred win team in the mets, and they seem like they're gathering momentum and everything going on with musgrove last night. That was crazy. What did you think of all that, Taylor? I kind of agree with the sentiment that like buck was just sort of doing his due diligence. Almost his job to be honest. Do you agree with me with a pharaoh comparison and what John told me? Yes. Yeah, absolutely. And I liked how musgrove handled it too. He was like, okay, you want to check me? Great. Let's do it. And then stick it to him. Right. Exactly. That was awesome. That was the best part of the game, I thought. So yeah, no big deal all around a little dust up, but whatever. We'll all move on from it. Last one, for today, Kate Harrington at kadin ten writes in about bonds record being legit or not. Reminds her of the current situation about what you call queen Camilla. She is the queen consort, but her actual title is Queen Camilla, even though a lot of people don't want to acknowledge that. I kind of like the idea that era judge is the king consort of the home run through. What do you think? Well, well, would it be Aaron judge is the king consort or would it be that Barry Bonds is the king consort? I mean, by the comparison. Right, I guess I think it's choose your own. That was a great observation. But I think bonds would be the king concert, right? King concert. I know I kind of think it's like for me. It depends on who you see as the one true king talking about bonds. She's talking about bonds. She's saying the question is whether bonds is legit. She's not a questioning judge is legitimacy. And that's where the comparison is. Come on, read it again. I know. I'm reading comprehension clearly not one of my skills. As evidence on this edition of bleacher tweets, so keep writing them in. So I can read them incorrectly. Yeah, we got a no baseball tonight, but we will be back tomorrow and every day this week. Yeah, just to remind everybody, during the postseason, we'll pretty much be doing podcasts, daily, unless we get an early end of the LCS and there are a few days off. We might take one off in the midst of that, but we're going to have daily podcasts during weekdays and we're going to have Sarah Lang's on with us every day and that'll be a lot of fun. That's it for today. My thanks to Sarah, Tim, to Sarah, Taylor, Mandy bell, have a great day everybody.

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