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Today, wrapped up preparations for the two and ten raiders. So what's Antonio Brown expected? Oakland Alameda Coliseum on Sunday, still a nation travel. Well, some black hole legendary spot legendary football organization. Sided get out there and play. The Steelers are oh into it Okla under Mike Tomlin. The injury report lists James Cotter at Marcus Gilbert is out no surprise to players are questionable safety Morgan. Burnett and linebacker Anthony Niccolo after playing it only one game pit redshirt. Freshman receiver Darien street said today, he's transferring at noon tomorrow, it's the backyard basket brawl the Panthers and mountaineers redo acquaintances at the WVU call them it'll be the thirteenth time that Bob Huggins has coached West Virginia against Pitt. He's five and seven it'll be the first head-to-head meeting for Jeff capable of always had a ton of respect for him. I think he's coached some of the best teams. I thought he had a team in Cincinnati. It's a travesty would happen to Kenyon Martin. Because I thought they were the best team in the country, West Virginia. What out the PD your ago travel day for the penguins? They play at Ottawa Saturday night started a three game trip. No update on Patrick corn quests injury. The pens placed on injured reserve and called up j s d from Wilkes Barre former pirates second baseman Jose castio was killed in a car accident in Venezuela along with veteran. Major leaguer Luis Valbuena castio played for the pirates from two thousand four to two thousand seven officials say that accident was caused by highway bandits who then rob the men Eric Hagman NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K sports. Thank you very much. Another down day down day on Wall Street. Details in two minutes. Hey you. Holiday Inn, express wants to let you in on a little secret..

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