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Yikes hundreds of earthquakes hundreds and thousands and millions of tears i mean i'm telling you you you can't feel any worse than you do for our brothers and sisters and relatives and friends and and just fellow a hawaii citizens that are out there in shock many many people by the way still in denial they think everything's gonna be okay because we aren't optimistic people and you think it's going to be okay it's blow over when you see the size of these lava flows the go over those roads you think we'll just get going there with a backhoe in a move that stuff unbelievable so you you have our hearts and prayers and i wanna tell you once again i had the opportunity to spend some really good quality time the other day with rick landseer's from hawaii news now and they made a commitment day one on this thing send good troops over there and keep them there and we've been watching this like lincoln and lynn kowano and chelsea davison ben gutierrez and i just everybody at the anchor desk on the field during the report has been trip all stations by the way everybody's been doing good doublet specifically yeah we knew from the beginning we've been bit the bullet and senate everybody over there okay wait a minute three people have emailed about the nfl you know we talked about that a lot back when it was happening you know these guys were kneeling down and and all of that stuff well it's to a point now where the nfl is saying you will not you know you will stand and if you don't want to stay in the locker room but you're not gonna come out as a team and of course the union sane and with the players union well wait a minute there is an interesting piece that once again the president remember when he said before fire him you're fired he's fired up but it turns out that most of the people across the country the same way they respect the rights to demonstrate and they say if you wanna protect stay in the locker room the owners are saying if you want to stay on the team you come up and you stand up and.

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