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Beautiful wife an air force all sanza is is a pawn in their game right she knows it and that's a debilitating feeling and taiwian meanwhile is thinking hey this is great this is a win you just gotta do your jumped tyrian in that job is mic yeah i konic iconic behavior station between father and son he taiwan comes up is tyrian his topping off his goblet again man and says your wife needs a child us child just to make sure is the underline now as soon as possible if you're going to give her one you need to perform this has this is important for taiwan because uh you know anything can happen in this life people die invasions happen people drop dead get poisoned the king a tries to assassinate you so you gotta make sure that the next generation is secure and that means tyrian lay off the wine all go a baby tyrian obviously is not having this end up among his numerous other worries he's also got joffrey hey k eva king whose already tried to kill him once at least once that we know about he's trying to get him to try and do it again he's his as joffrey is trying to instigate the betting ceremony which is it's kind of like this a ritual at the end of a wedding the guess pick up the bride and groom women take the groom the men take the bride tear off their clothes and carry them to the betting chamber where'd a sexist.

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