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Renterswarehouse dot com. Got to go to break more with Kevin orders. CEO renters warehouse when we come back. Course questions for me, again touch radio dot com and the right side forum. Aunts and ask you a question, and we'll answer it right here on things realty radio goanywhere coming right back. This hour is brought to you by renters warehouse, one of the largest fastest growing and highest review property management companies in America. We'll be right back with more think realty radio with AVI. Gohar after these messages. Real estate insurance group is the industry leader in providing coverage customized for investors Mansur occupied vacant and renovation properties. Across all fifty states. Can combine our properties not one schedule and offer convenient as you go monthly billing visit in R E G dot com today for your free. Custom proposal. That's national real estate insurance group at dot com or call eight eight eight seven four one eight four five four eight eight eight seven four one eight four five four listen up investors, where can you find educational tools and videos industry insights lists of wholesalers lenders and REI groups plus deep discounts from top national home improvement retailers all exclusively designed for real estate, investors and all in one place, think realty dot com. Sign up for your free info level think wealty membership today think time think well think purpose think realty dot.

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