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But it's about a specific television show, and there's a real, and it's really fun and some of the sometimes the questions are easier than others. But I'm really always surprise. Is and we've never had people come in. And it's just the people who are there and people come up with us and go, oh, you know, like, I always hope that I'd run into like either you guys or the jokers because I see that you're always filming here. So it's like, maybe we're putting Palisades on the funny. We kind of film in the mall little bit less because it does create like a Coliseum type vibe or jokers are interacting with a Mark. And then around the upper levels of the mall are all these people looking down at then filming. And so kind of ruins a hidden camera show people are like why are thousand people staring, but then we're also getting a lot more facts about season one, which is fun to the pop ups are going to be there to oh, that's gonna be great. But let's jump back into this episode. But before we do, Casey, okay, never mind. I just want. I want to your crying now. And I about all the negative comments. And I want you to feel okay? I'll leave today feeling. Okay. And I wanna read something that's really sweet that a Mark Barlow wrote. Casey does a lot more behind the scenes than you would think. Just because he isn't one of the four friends from high school doesn't mean he shouldn't be thought of as the fifth joker. Keep it real Casey top guy with three exclamation points. Wow. Top guy. Why new nickname top guy there? Yeah. Forty two. Yeah. That's cool. No one's ever considered me a top. I'm Biagio Messina, and I'm jokin seen. We're the producers behind the HSEN television documentary series unmasking killer. Join us as we explored the identification capture and arrest of Joseph James, the Angelo the alleged Golden State killer in a special ten part podcast series unmasking killer, all new episodes premiering Tuesday..

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