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Discount the links are in the show notes and you can find the show notes for this every other episode on my website. My instagram is the past lives. Poke cost with an undisclosed between each word on twitter. I am at simon g. Bound there is a post lots podcast facebook group. And if you'd like to join me be very welcome this week. I'm talking to robert ginsburg about his book. The medium explosion a guide to navigating the world of who claim to communicate with the dead. And of course we'll talk about the forever. Family foundation robot co-founded the forever family foundation but his wife friend the foundation seeks to blur the lines between science and spirituality and its focus is evidence that we survive physical death. They're currently over ten thousand members. Worldwide on the interest in the foundation continues to grow. Well hi bob. Thanks a lot for agreeing to be on the focused pleasure to be with your son. So i wanted to ask you about all sorts of things about the forever family foundation and about your book the medium explosion. I could we kinda starts at the beginning. And could you explain how you moved from being something of a skeptic in a materialist being much more interested in the afterlife well my story is not unlike. a lot of other people Very often trauma whether it be physical trauma or mental trauma is a catalyst for exploration and in my case i. My daughter home passed an car accident when she was fifteen back in two thousand and two and what preceded that his oddly enough the morning of the accident happened. My wife shot up in bed at three thirty in the morning and she was trembling and she was why ash white. And i said what's the matter and she said something horrible is going to happen today. And what does that mean. She said. I can't tell you exactly but i just know it's going to be devastating today so i i did what most parents would do. I watched over my three kids During the day. I figured i didn't really believe that. Point the my wife and anything non-physical an nc But there were times in our lives together. My wife and i wear she would have these pre continent of experiences and and and these visions always turn out exactly the way. She said that they would But they were all good things but logic told me if she was right then mom she could be right now and to make a long story short. I let my guard down at night. I just fade from my awareness and and We were out to dinner. We had two cars and my son and my daughter took one car home and we follow the couple of minutes later and we came upon an accident and they were both seriously injured. My daughter didn't survive the accident..

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