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Is going to the Williams Sonoma store, I know. It is it is seem able bulb those. No still. Bill marr said that men and women should never tell one another their fantasies because women are outraged by what we say, and we're totally bored. By what they thought like women have kind of these scenarios. I don't know unicorns. I don't know what they're dealing only lines storylines men were just like, I don't want to say this to you. But there's a lot of just close ups a female body. We'll men are much more visually oriented I sexually. And but now they're being shamed. I mean now, it's called the male gaze. And so there's all of his sick. Oh my God. The Sports Illustrated is exploiting the female, forget young men. Like it. I'm worried that now sort of the way in the past. Sexual sub gays were shamed. We're now reversing at N shaming like heterosexual. Yes, that's different. Remember, we had the young woman who complained about being whistled at and I said, don't worry it stops with sexual behavior. The question is what's the end game. And this is what people have to ask themselves is like one of the corollaries to the female pornographic. Romance is actually the establishment of a longterm relationship. And the question is, you know, it's so funny because I got pilloried in the New York Times for for talking about enforced monogamy squirting I now because and that gets brought up like in every. Ridiculous. We talked to that woman for two two days. I know it is just like a little side comment, and then that became the sticks. Like like enforcement Naga me, you mean forced marriage, or no, I mean that was an anthropological term which she knew perfectly well because she's a very smart person. And all it means is that there's a pronounced proclivity in human societies around the world to enforce monogamous relationships at multiple levels of the sociological hierarchy, you do it culturally. Do you do an expectation you do it legally enforced monogamy? So my son was just married, and if he came to me next year, and he said, you know, K dad, guess what I've managed to have four affairs in the last year with hot women and my wife hasn't found out about any of them. I'm not going to Pat him on the back and say good job. You know, I'm going to say what the hell's up with you. You know, you violated the vowed that you took you're putting your whole future. Riskier, betraying yourself and your wife, and well that's enforced monogamy. The the idea is that the social norm is the establishment of a long term monogamous relationship. And that there are strictures put in place to support that. Also to punish deviation from it. And you say, well, you know, maybe maybe not so much on the punishment end. But you can't depends like what do you want? What what is it that you want you want a long-term stable relationship or not? And if that's the goal, then your behavior should be devoted to whatever. It is that facilitates that goal, and I don't see that. I certainly don't see that casual and impulsive sex fits that Bill. Not not in the least and all of the evidence with regards to living together shows that that's actually detrimental to the establishment of a longterm relationship. So first of all common law marriage people who are in a common law marriage are much more likely to be divorced. That's the first thing. The second thing is people who live together before they get married are much more likely to be divorced after they get married. So the idea that well, you can try someone on for size and see how it works..

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