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Everyone we're so glad that you're here with us. My name is Kirk Hamilton. Lyndon I'm joined by my co hosts first of all Mr Jason Schreier. Hello Jason Allo. Hello Hello Hello and Jason. I are also joined by Maddie Meyers. Hello matty hello. It's new. It is low. Are you guys ready for my favorite holiday of the year every single year thanksgiving. Yeah boxing. This thanksgiving yeah. It's it's my favorite just gluttony the football on TV the cold fall air. Beautiful Fall of it. I just love Thanksgiving Yeah Yeah it's This is a fun one. So we're recording this. A little bit earlier doing Thanksgiving mailbag mostly going to answer some listener questions and read some listener emails else for this week's episode so if any major news happened this leaf we should probably talk of living in the state of blissful ignorance and But I just want to tell a real quick real quick baby story I So this morning I had to take our kids to the pediatrician. For her. Two month checkup she gets checkups. That there's a one checkup two months. Four months it's an exponential logarithmic. An adult and you just never go to in the limit approaches zero algorithm. So yes so. I took her to the checkup. And this is a big Gwan because she has to get shots and so we were like like like Loathing we were dreading this experience of having to get our tiny. Give our tiny four to two two month old shots And our baby rarely cries which we are lucky. She cries a fair amount when she's hungry but that's pretty much. The only reason shall ever ever cry butts turns out when you give a baby a shot. They cried so here's what you do. What do you have to do? Is You actually the whole of the kid and so the doctor was like here. You take are and so I- held her and then to look away while the doctor injected three different shots so the first one went into one of arms and she says she did the injection and the baby be like didn't seem to mind that much give a little bit of a cry but like wasn't so bad And I was like Oh okay like maybe. This'll be easy. That was easy right. The doctor goes just wait and then she turns to the second arm and injects the needle in the second arm and I just hear the most is horrifying sound like wail starts coming out of my kid. WHO's in my arm? Her face turns bright red. And she's going eh vying like gut wrenching sound And then the doctors to do a third in her leg which led to an equal amount of crying and then afterwards it's babies are so funny because they really do sometimes have just like adult expressions on their faces and so my kid often when she's hungry and not being paid attention to you or when when she's just gotten a shot we'll just have this look of anger on her face. She'll she'll just like have like furrowed eyebrows and like pouty face and it will so cloud over. Yeah it's so funny like yeah enemy enemy anger face Right so she had that and then she quickly got over it. I guess babies don't really remember things like that but man tough experience having the hold your kid while while she gets shy had to. I had to get a flu shot last week and it was pretty similar could someone I reacted acted similarly the flu shots and a joke. That shit may my arm sore for like a week after my arm was orbits orbits a better than having the flu. I always that is for sure Okay let's get to it actually before we take some questions Why don't we talk a little bit more? We're about star wars because Kirk you and I both finished jet I follow murder and Mattie you have played it so I want to kind of put the cap up on our discussion last week and see if you have any more thoughts for so ask you Kirk if you have any other Thoughts or final thoughts about the game. Now that you've actually seen the ending and finish it all yeah. I think it's really good. I thought that the ending of the game like the back. Third of the story was much stronger than I was expecting. It ends really well. Obviously I won't say anything particular Mattie but I think we had talked about this some last week that it's a little bit of his star it feels like a star wars just a mix of sort of generic star wars stuff at the beginning a little bit the patio on and like lost guy looking for his master all of the kind of tropes about the forest but the back third was great. There was some surprising stuff and I just thought there are a lot of set. Pieces is in narrative sequences. That weren't really comment. Heavier exploration heavy. It was just you know these narrative things that would happen visions and stuff like that and it was cool. It really was so well done. There was a lot of cool creativity. Some nice surprises. Yeah I was much more into the back third and I thought it kind of it kind of sagged a little a little bit. I guess maybe the third quarter of the story this kind of when you're on death Amir for the story. This is a good point. Okay this feels a little bit like someone designed all this stuff and they needed to figure out a narrative justification for this slight detour. But whenever I'm sure if I hadn't had to replay the first half of the game the pacing so it's it's hard totally get my head around that but yeah I liked it. I liked the ending. I like the story. I actually thought it was perfect. Length the whole game in general. If that have been a little bit longer it would have been pissed I but yeah obviously European was very different. So it's It's like so many hours twenty something like that. Might make in game by like steam clock said thirty-something hours but I left it either and that was a lot of time Yeah I would say like around fifteen twenty hours I saw one reviewer be like short and sweet now this is just short and I kind of wanted to smack them because this is a perfect length of reader reader linked us that Polygon Article About Twenty Twenty Hour Games. That was the outer worlds which I didn't finish together as also twenty hours. Yeah Control and outer walls and this like there were a lot of games that are kind of that link. It's not a bad link long you've got to commit to it but it's not you know forty hours sixty hours so yeah and then I think if if a game is GonNa be like a hundred hours it needs to be special needs to be justify quality to justify that Yeah so I have a couple of thoughts Like I said the the lane five thought was perfect perfect. The ending was so delightful. Just like the final sequence and and everything at the end is just as awful and I just feel like it's a really really good mixture of all these tropes and ideas ideas from other games and it'll just blend together really well. It just feels like that. That holy Grail of Star Wars game that people have just wanted for a really long time and like I said last week. I'm excited needed to see what kind of innovations they bring to the sequel We didn't really talk about this last week. But I think that like The exploration they want you to go back in revisit planets and I did actually on your recommendation Kirk go back and revisit one of the planets but I find kind of a chore for a couple of reasons to do that and I don't enjoy it in the same way that I would like another type of metro-wide Vania and I think there's a couple reasons for that. I think number one first and foremost is the lack of decent rewards and the fact act. There's no real incentive In the game to go back you don't get items and the interesting items. You don't get Rewarding abilities that are optional. Oh you don't get any super challenging sites that you can only find by revisiting areas anything like that. There are a few optional bosses. But they're all really obvious defined defined throughout route your normal progress of the game and I think that the game I mean you can get like like forced buffs and stems and stuff like that. But it's not there's nothing really special. Aw there and I think the game suffers a lot for that The fact that every single chest you find is always going to be a cosmetic item which to someone like me is just like who gives a shit about that's up and Yeah I just think that a game like this. A Metro Vania really needs that carrot in order to encourage you and and make you feel like it's worth it to go explore And I did enjoy Kirk. I I went to that crash ship. The you recommend it. I find that actually in the game you kind of prodded to go explore it and it it was really cool but at the end when it was like okay the big reward is like three ponchos and impact. That kind of is feels lame. Like I just wish it's been and something else some other cool ability or I almost could've done without the skill tree in the game and just like had all of that stuff on the powers and abilities been stuff you find you know what I mean. Yeah but that wouldn't really make any sense for you. Being Jeddah taste creating I would have liked to see the game. Yeah I agree with correct. I mean that's what's cool about metro is that you go back to the same places but you actually have to go back to the same places in order to achieve something more there in this game just isn't really set up that way and that would be cool if it were but yeah I mean in Metro does do the thing were there are cool. Lake Hidden Puzzles that. When you saw them you get like a health off canister which is the same kind of thing? Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's an upgrade but just sort of a generic upgrade not a specific unique ability. I don't know I mean I guess you're saying Jason but thoughts on that so first of all so I actually a more a better comparison for that would be Zelda's heart pieces because they're similar or to this and the game where you have to find three of the force thing to get a health upgrade or whatever One thing and this might sound Kinda pedantic and trivial but I actually think it makes a big difference The way that the force like pieces and the life pieces are shown on the screen they look just like the echoes. You find. They're just like blue balls and they don't have a distinguished luck like they don't really look like a cool thing that you find the way that like a piece of heart does and the Celta game and I think that kind of makes a big difference. It's not as exciting exciting to go and find this blue blob of whatever as it would be defined something that looks like distinguished and interesting and just like I don't know look cooler played cooler sound effect stuff made that things make a big difference. Yeah totally yeah I think I mean so I get what you're saying saying though I think that that they had a balancing act and this is sort of the same thing. We were talking about on twitter last week like if they changed the game to have all these unique things. You would unlock the way that in dark souls you could maybe find signed a unique sword somewhere if you go and explore something like because there's a whole complicated loot and stat system in that game that works. They're kind of in a bind because there around that many things they can put at the end of those Optional areas. And I think like the one that we were talking about. Yeah the crashed ship on. Xenophobes anybody playing You if you once you get double jump go check. Check out that crash because it's really cool for me..

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