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Question in by dialing one eight four four four ask him are and that's one eight four four four ask MRN rusty let's start with a question from Scott in Camden South Carolina this came to us via our Twitter in its about Darlington tough one here what is your greatest Darlington memory on or off the track I think my greatest memory had to be I believe as eighty eight or eighty nine the southern five hundred going head to head with bill Elliott and I remember it was such a fantastic day for me I thought I was gonna win the race side I pulled on the Delhi had enough hassle and then he get me back on the outside now past one a bottom you get me an outside this went on for a long time it went on for almost a complete feel run and I remember after I was all over we all went to a big appearance I'll be in the Minnesota and I had died Dale Earnhardt senior with me I had Bobby Allison with me I had three or four other drivers rolling airplane together and I were and I finished second a race of bill only a one this big race and I remember in their plane going over how it looks to me that he said I'm telling you what I would never put up with him that long to put the bumper to Menachem open racetrack the Bobby Allison said don't listen to him Bobby's in their place and don't listen to him you drive a good clean race and all the spectators loved it that's exactly how I would have done it on her check I said so now I don't check them out and so it was a big contrast everybody's opinion how should I drove the race levels also done I finished second into it and to this day I still had to be one hardest races I've run in my life and that was a long long hard hard grind back in those days and no one I won't forget all from the NASCAR hall of Famer rusty Wallace let's do our second question now on this one stems from Amarin's NASCAR tailgate campaign going on right now I like this one what's your favorite tailgate food and why my favorite tailgate food what could it be I love pork chops I grew up in Missouri and while we're always cooking pork chops girl knows babies and not to throw those on a grill out back and cook some of those babies up get some meat potatoes because I'm a midwestern guy that was always my big deal a lot of people probably say cheese burgers and hot dogs that's cool that's really good too but if you're gonna throw true one out I threw some pork chops out letter happened fire up the grill I'm coming down for dinner all right you got it buddy I take I'll take care you bet on that to.

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