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No no. I didn't mean it like that. No if i was this is by the way is showbiz bullshit. Though because if i'm tom cruise i'm well smith and i'm not taking anything away from either of those people. I can be completely locked in and i've been on press tours where i'm like this. I'm the guy on the podcast. I wanna keep going. I want to keep going. That's what a publicist does day tap. someone else's publicist. They give you a signal. I get to walk. I never looked like. I wasn't one hundred percent there by the way. Also get to be a one hundred percent there. Because i know someone else's watching my time for some reason no thing of your body. Language is wonderful. There's nothing about katie. That says i want to get out of here for some reason. I'm like i feel like katie's got to get out of here. We're up there's you own the show we can only again. I just was aware ten minutes. In that i would talk to you forever and if tony or if it was aristotle would go till nine o'clock because fact guys i'm just kidding but there's something about katie tony but i love her style. I know so little katie. That i just wanna do her solid. Let's do it all right. Okay we got your laugh story We're outta here. You were great guest host and against no one's ever said that i liked it. Thanks buddy. I feel great this chap. Yeah we got weird. We did right. Say would you please keep a crispy on the third beep. You come in here and you want me to say keep crispy. He's still did it. Still nailed it on the third. I was scared so crispy wanted..

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