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Year. Daria Aldinger, ABC News Co. Moh news 1000 FM, 97 7, We continue with our top stories now from the comb. Oh 24 7 News Center. I'm Rick van size with ELISA Jaffe and State House Republicans have unveiled a budget plan, they say avoids new taxes and might have a little money left over here's Como's Ryan Harris House Republican leaders say the plan which is just over 55. Billion dollars for the operating budget and 105 billion total would fund all critical services, including those many people depend on. It would increase the Medicare reimbursement rates and even promises to fund the working families tax credit, which they say has been on the books but not used for 12 years. Puyallup representative Kelly Chamber says it reflects Washingtonians priorities and that avoids the T word budget demonstrates that we can take care of Washingtonians, especially after during a crisis without race. Think taxes, the Republicans claim they're able to do it with six billion and one time rainy day fund spending another six billion and savings from state agencies and use of federal money. So they say money from the next federal stimulus plan would come on top of this plan. Ryan Harris come on ease. QFC says It's closing two stores because of Seattle's new requirement to give grocery workers extra hazard pay. Tiffany Sanders with QFC says the two stores on Capitol Hill and in Wedgwood will operate until April. 24th and we are paying the city Council's mandated pay to them, you know? Throughout this time. And Sarah Sharon, who was the local grocery workers union calls the decision and act of greed program cares about their employees and the local community. They should expand hazard pay and improve store safety practices, not file lawsuits and close stores. Sharon testified before the King County Council, which is considering a hazard pay mandate for grocery workers. After Seattle approved one last month, it requires large grocers. Pay workers an extra $4 an hour during the pandemic. Several industries have been decimated by the pandemic. But one continues to grow the legal cannabis industry, so I 32% increase or more than 77,000 jobs last year, according to the cannabis Market Place leave flee their most recent report shows There are 321,000 full time jobs in 37 states, including Washington. Legally says cannabis was declared an essential business with a record $18 billion in sales in 2020, providing critical tanks revenue at a time when local governments had to slash their budgets. The Mercer Island City Council votes tonight on an ordinance that would ban camping on streets and parks come most Charlie Harder has the story. The ordinance would make it so. Instead of arresting or finding people camping in their cars or on the sidewalk, they would be brought to homeless shelters in other East side cities where they would have access to services. City Council member Jake Jacobsen is a supporter of the proposal. People Places where they can't help it. If people don't want to get help and say I'm not going any shelter than they have made a decision to opt into the justice system, but a group of people who live on Mercer Island and the A C L U of Washington disagree. They say This is just a way to criminalize homelessness and doesn't address its causes. Charlie. Harder. Come O'Neill's Come on news time. 4, 34 and Cuomo traffic.

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