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That could've operate insurance copter ninety to ninety three north bound running about thirty minutes now for the second bridge up to the one twenty eight cloverleaf miking for WBZ's traffic on the threes are thank you both and meteorologist Danielle middle is with us right now with a look at the weekend weather is going to feel like spring yeah I'd certainly is Laurie we're gonna be talking about a record breaking warmth in fact for both of tomorrow and Sunday before temperatures come back down a bit so looking at the early next week on Monday tonight going to be remaining cloudy a breezy value to and again unseasonably mild temperatures holding steady in the forties and lower fifties across our area tonight tomorrow more clouds than sun shine with a warm gusty breeze the high sixty three that would break the record of sixty two for tomorrow night will stay cloudy with a couple of showers approaching our area toward daybreak low fifty seven then on Sunday we will have a period of rain for the morning hours that'll push off to the east and some breaks of sunshine I will return later on in the day sixty six degrees are high for Sunday that'll smash the current record of sixty one and then again it will be a cooler day for Monday but still above average for early January with some sunshine forty four degrees I'm accu weather meteorologist Danielle little WBC Austin's news radio Iran is now fifty one degrees in Boston actually getting milder as the hours go on five twenty six New England business each week at this time we take a look back the week on Wall Street the Dow fell back today after briefly crossing twenty nine thousand for the first time WBZ financial editor Dave Caruso with coastal capital does the market's wound up doing better than expected I wasn't sure what to expect with that what was going on with the US and Iran in the strikes there and in looking at that it looks like we gathered a.

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