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And Ken show. John kobylt and Ken chiampou KFI AM, six forty two three o'clock. We'll take another look at the pending Los Angeles unified school district strike by the teachers Larry sand, president of the California teachers empowerment network. He's been on our show before a former teacher open LA unified in New York City. He is retired. And now heads this group. He will talk about the teacher's demands. Give us his perspective on whether or not they should be striking. Whether or not the school district is full of it on their financial problems. Got some good stuff. Larry will be on afternoons at three o'clock. We told you it's weird video day on the John and Ken web page KFI AM, six forty dot com. The keyword is John and Ken. I we had the homeless man with the raccoon on the table in the McDonald's in San Francisco the dead bloody raccoon now. Yes, now, we go to Salinas, which is up north, you're Monterey and Carmel. And this report from coin TV KOA in Andrew Andre I thought, oh, boy that is just weird seen it all. But now, this rotate never have we seen anything like this never really creepy stuff comical in the sense. But still, you know, we need to keep our eyes open insurance. Nothing more than that early Saturday morning. This man who police now is Roberto de. Daniel Arroyo spent about three hours licking and milling around this Salinas yard, the homeowners were out of town at the time, but their kids were home. They didn't wake up to the noise. But the families surveillance system notifies them when there's movement out front. Boy, there's a lot of traffic five o'clock in the morning. My son doesn't get home until six o'clock. Oh, that's kind of odd. Soy started reviewing the videos. Kazakh the Dunkin's just installed this new security system less than a month ago and police say it made their jobs easier. We're.

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