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If you if you want a you want to code you really could get some savings all right now this is this is available at motor K. O. T. E. dot com only yeah that's the only place you're going to get it like I say this is all well website specials tonight motor K. O. T. T. dot com go there you can sign up you can you can join the to to be the yeah the rewards program I'm not a member yeah we motor cope member while you're at it free your next mother five Bucks off just for joining so this is a great time if if you're a regular current you heard us talk about all these things and I we get three different things that now and this is a chance to try and not spend a whole heck of a lot of money doing so this is a great night get ready the special go around we're going to be on again next week we're gonna run through next week so I just want to ask you how long do these last well run loose through the next show now and then but you need to move on get ready well fifty Bucks is free shipping to your door and essay motor coach dot com specials thank the day he is summer bundle specials well like you say we love to do a lot of traffic to the our tonight's the motor code product of the hours will be about forty different of the bundles that is the is talking about a motor D. O. T. E. dot com and wait till you hear the first one I mean I can't believe you're offering that I mean I can't believe it three of the most highly sought after products in motor code has edit just ridiculously low price you gotta stick around to hear them very well you can go to the website right now and check it out and motor KO two tire right drive in not near your computer wait till you hear the very first bundle of the hour and we'll do that here right before the top of the next hour right before the news at America's trucking.

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