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And just treat it like a regular game. Obviously, we know it's a game seven. Everybody's excited, notices a big game. But to come out here and play, uh, like we've been playing and just I mean, continue to stay calm, clear and connected, like coach says and out there on the court, and we didn't in a big way. So Kevin Trade them on. Congratulations. But Tim about Kevin Herder. He was wow. Yeah, No, I mean, he's a He's been doing that all year, guys. He's uh he can really shoot the ball. He can really put the ball on the floor and get to a spots. And he's a tall guy 67 who can raise should already you so You can. You can really do a lot and we needed all his points tonight and always playmaking ability tonight. Great. Congratulations. Getting the Atlanta Hawks think about this four games away from the NBA Finals, and I just want to say, uh What was the emphasis When you first came in to game seven? You had a game seven with you had a game with the Knicks. Now you have a game seven here. What would your emphasis in difference between series this series? Um, really, it is to push the pace we knew. There are big team alright, so really, to get those guys in transition and pushing, getting them tired, and, uh, really putting their bigs and pick and rolls and that was a big game for us, and they did a good job. Stop me a little bit in the first half as the game went on, we just kind of On in this match, and, um It's really It's really been the same thing in both series. Just trying to find that that, uh I mean, the thing that gets us over the hump and it was good to really find that in the second half and get it to Gallo and kept going and they really helped us push it over. I know that you want to celebrate this one. Pray. Um, but can you oblige me and take a quick look at this Eastern Conference finals and a matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks? Yeah. I mean, it's gonna be fine there a talented team. Um, there. They got a lot of a lot of guys on that side. We can play and it's gonna be a fun battle. Um, both teams are locked in and Um, it's gonna be fine. Trae Young 21 points, 10 assists and the Hawks wind up outscoring the Sixers 15 to 6 in clutch time and the Hawks come away with the win one. Oh, 3 96. They go to the Eastern Conference final against the Bucks. That series starts on Tuesday. The top two seeds are out in the Eastern Conference SportsCenter all night, ESPN Radio Durant tasted from hardened Frank court, right? 22 tie three to win. Durant, top of the art, guarded by holiday rises for along to air ball out of bounds with less than a second to go, And with that miss shot in overtime Saturday night, the Nets season came to an end losing in the Eastern Conference semis. That's Had a big three, at least on paper, ESPN analyst P. J. Carlesimo You have to be honest and looking at it. I love the team that they've put together, but let's be realistic. How many times did they play together in the regular season points? You had guys who were prone to injury guys who were later in their career. It's not like they're ready to, you know, get in a wheelchair and go home. But Injuries You had to think. Hey, injuries could be a problem with this super team, So I don't think it was an accident that all years. Steve Nash you by the way did an incredible job was patching is together and K D missed so many games. Kyrie miss so many games and, of course, James Miss Games down the stretch. Kevin Durant certainly tried to carry the team, but Wasn't enough to carry Brooklyn. I think he just proved if if there were any doubt he didn't make all NBA this year because you missed too many games. But he's the best player in the game right now. I think he and LeBron just are incredible what they do not what they do. Night in and night out. That should be enough. But what they do in big games what they do late in games when the game is to be decided they're going to step up and they're going to make plays. You hit it on the head. Kyra's out cannot play. James Harden couldn't play and Number of games. Then he comes back and plays on one leg, and it doesn't seem to matter Somehow. Some way he finds a way got 49 in game 5 48 in Game seven. You would think that would be enough, but that's how good the Milwaukee Bucks were. As good as Kevin Durant was good is the wrong word. As great as Kevin Durant was, It wasn't enough. Durant had been able to get some help. In other games, but earlier on ESPN Radio or Mike Wells notes. That was not the case this weekend in Game seven, and I remember several games ago, Kevin Durant had help. I mean, Jeff Green, bald out. I mean, Jeff Greene looked like he was back at Georgetown, playing alongside Roy Hibbert. Joe Harris shot well from the field several games ago. But tonight Jeff Green 13 minutes and a whole lot of zero didnt even attempt the shot out there finished with a doughnut. Joe Harris, who's Who a remarkable three point shooter, three of 10 from the field three of 93 pointers. He had 10 points, but they expect here is to have a higher shooting percentage. When you have an opportunity to spot up with Kevin Durant and James Harden out there on the basketball court, it was just a matter of Okay, Katie. And it hurt James Harden. Nobody else did anything. Rise and grind with Cage's 6 to 10 eastern time here on ESPN radio, much more on the end of the Nets season. Former net. Kerry Kittles joins the show at 8 30 eastern time here on ESPN Radio Right now, SportsCenter all night Phoenixes Jae crowder to inbound in the front court. They advance..

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