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No hale who does you and so hey it's good to see ari love you made it i wasn't talking than that k curse not not in love with a k but albany oregon online to see when those tickets go on sale in january and so out thank you get them now although they might have shut down the did a black friday sale oh i just checked event bright new rebels tickets are on sale now oh okay in one quick last thing for two thousand seventeen uh favorite person or ecorse course mike is on their you're on the list buddy but since i get to bring someone else up a wheel travis sixin travis is a very good friend and i had to say that a probably would not be even half the homebrew i am if it wasn't for travis hickson when i got into homebrew in he was he was all must be back speed dial every time i was at my back yard for six hours and anyway we've known each other for good long while i was able to perform his wedding and have been with him through his many different uh sagas as as saima gist of one kind or another and he just recently landed the position as we know of at blackberry farms is there had hit brewer this last week wasn't i was just hanging out with him at uri and realize good dude men so travis in i mean i would know i would know squat about beer if it wasn't for travis and somebody good to learn from boston.

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