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Where mace crush williams williamson. Yes ma'am guess what. It is commodity modest. Everyone morning stroke. Hello thomas yes ma'am good morning doing my mother's fine fine how you talk to in a couple of weeks okay. Yeah she's doing well. I'm you know i'm taking care of that's my job. Soon as we get off well you does do a good job and taking careful breads on. Y'all time for what. I don't know but you know. Yes ma'am oldboy us a good boy. Well good morning sister you. Oh wonderful. One a was going. Oh well i mean first of all before we get to anything. I did want to ask you. How is your valentine's day. Just candy candy and flowers from erie. Wome's really are you dating anyone in particular sister. Rotel i keep some man you know who shot his daddy okay. So he's the one that gave you the candy and the flowers. Yes yes yes gays mccann in and roses jonah. From the company you did on the commercial for a one eight hundred flowers one eight hundred lower reading and he added issue ten dollars got twenty nine And they were lovely called him. They made a mistake. Sit thirty two. But i didn't say nothing. Figured they was making enough to hang on four flowers. I sell it back efforts show. That's right that's right well. I'm glad you had a good lovely and wizard romantic your valentine's day now that really just you know into flowers and everything you know i was. I wasn't really at home. You know 'cause. I got the vaccine. You know. 'cause i'm essential work auto workers say so. Sure of that is essential. I went on. I aim sign up. I just told you. I am central. They say what are you doing. I save so we're that's not essential tabs on more essentially heaven. If i get shot you probably gonna go to hail chicken on to shout. Came back twenty one days later. Same woman she said i know. Just come on the well. That's a good thing that's a good thing. Well we'll dell appreciate time coming up in thirty four minutes after the hour We got to tell you what's going down with the lapd. We'll talk about when we come back right after this. You're listening david. Party morning. Show while the los angeles county district attorney's office is investigating several. Lapd officers after they allegedly get this guy's circulated valentine's day card with george floyd picture on it and the words you take my breath away. Now this was to mock the final hours of george floyd life as a minneapolis. Police officer knelt on his neck and repeatedly cried out. George floyd did. I can't breathe. I mean what a horrible story. What a horrible thing to do. George floyd released a statement to the lapd saying this is beyond insult on top of injury. It's injury on top of death. The type of callousness and cruelty within a person's soul needed to do something like this evades and is indicative of a much larger problem within the culture of the lapd we demand that everyone who was involved is held accountable for their revolting behavior. And that an apology be issued to the family. Amen to that. I just you know the people. The spirit of some people manage really sickening. You know like. I'm i get tired of hearing people now say this is not our country. How countries better than this. No this is the country we live in. This is exactly is exactly who this country years is not those people that climbed to capital wall. That's a big part of this country. It's not everybody but debt and that is a part of our feudals. This sickness that pervades. The internet is a part of our coach k. k. k. It's a part of our country. I mean you know when you see this cygnus when people walk in churches and kiel. We'll walk in schools and killed people. It's it's not who we are. Okay then why keep happening right You know we don't want to admit that that is a part of what this country is about but that is the deal you know. Don't want to admit that we need a real gun laws. We don't want to admit because we have this stupid thing called the constitution that we think is such a righteous document that allows for this president that got away with inciting this riot is because they read one word in the constitution. You can impeach up president. But then they went to. He's no longer. We ain't got to do it. We constitutionally can't do it and they jumped through that loophole. Just like jump through this loophole. Not all of them just ten ten but but but you know another thing you know you you you you sit up and you say we should have freedom of speech but if the of freedom of speech hurts keells defiles another human being. Why should you have the freedom right you know. And they use that in president trump defense his the freedom of speech. What are you kidding. Me but now kathy griffin. Oh the comedian. When what she said about trump and does is what she thinks. Funny how showing his head cut off. Now they have. I visit her. George lopez does a joke about it. The fbi visits him but now when he do his freedom of speech there 'cause deaths yet he off the people they arrested say they got their orders from trump. Exactly right this is the country we live in. Yeah it's a part of it. It's not everybody but it's an element. It's like half you know it's almost like the have who voted for biden. Those are not those you know. It's just we're divided. We're just divided and everybody does voted for. Trump is not that way. No they're just publicans but trump the republicans to a whole 'nother level. Yes with republicans. Yeah he he bought out the dirt. The dirty side of the republican. He really did. He really really did. gladis gone. Do not look forward to him. Trying to run and twenty twenty four but they are gearing up for twenty twenty two. You know they are gearing up for that to try to get more republicans in the house and senate and the house all right coming up next the prank phone call. The nephew is here with the prank phone. Call right after this. You're you're you're listening to morning. Show coming up right about four minutes after the hour as always. It's my strawberry letter.

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