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And just kind of put a wrap number three and four of the four at 10. I saw this story. Now. This actually relates to what we talked about the around. She doesn't drink milk. I don't think it's a deer again. Here's the headline. Milk drinkers have healthier hearts, even if they weigh more, a study suggests. That actually drinking milk can lower some of the levels of your blood fats that includes the bad LDL. Numbers. Lame for clogging your arteries. And the good HDL version also has some benefits. So here's it's kind of a trade off because those who drink male generally have. Ah, This is me. I drink two glasses of milk every day. Higher body mass Index B. M. I I say it because I'm very muscular. But, you know, do what you want with it. So some good news for milk drinker, So that's for milk trigger. So that's that's like positive for the dairy industry. And last time I checked, they still put on the license plate so good news. Even opposed like Aaron Rodgers, who I like stays away from dairy. Now me, I'm gonna drink more milk. And last, but not least, we talk about positive stories, even positive stories about the pandemic. Here's the headline. The utterance. And teeth whitener flying off the shelves after the pandemic. How is that? Not the best news story of the day? Good hygiene people. We've learned something in this pandemic. We're washing her hands. I'm not getting in people's faces anymore. Up close and personal. We're using more deodorant, teeth, whitener teeth look better. You know why that is. Why is that Because we slacked people? Yes, People are getting out there again. Okay, But if he's the face for getting out there again, I wanted to be with deodorant. Teeth. White Jess. Thank you, America. I'm not gonna say thank you. Pandemic Has it killed a lot of people, But it's it's a thank you card for a really tough Year plus And if you're wearing more deodorants, what did Carol say? Yesterday, Carol Kane was saying women are buying lipstick like incredible numbers and just crazy flying off the shelves that 30 Bucks a pop. It's like boy, Am I glad of my guy. That's crazy. I could do a lot with 30 bucks. Yeah, come on, and she's such a 20 in her purse. That seems excessive to me. But 20 different shades of lipstick. Yes. Almost like intervention levels, like Let's talk to somebody on the show about it. That's a lot of lipstick. I have to ask my wife we are We naive is that no, I don't know. I have no idea. I don't know women. That seems high. I don't women are smarter than men. That I know. All right. You know what we're gonna do something different, completely different at 10 35 our own 20 better who's been knocking out of the park of this series on none fungible, tokens and FTS. He's gonna break it down so that even I understand it. I already know you're no on this. Yeah. Don't give me too much credit. Yeah. So he's gonna break it down and we're gonna play one of his pieces. We're gonna get to the bottom of this and ft business. Tony Bedrock after the news. It's time for the news. It's 10 30 from the WTMJ breaking news Center Eric Bill Step more, Donna Steve says it's covert 19 vaccines strongly protects Children as young as 12 that news coming from the company. Today, it has new data. It's going to submit its data to the FDA now for approval. Breaking news from the Middle East. The U. S secretary of state is announcing plans to reopen the consulate in Jerusalem, which would upgrade ties with Palestinians. George Floyd's family will meet with President Biden at the White House today, a year to the day after Floyd was killed at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer in Madison. Republicans who control the state Legislature plan to convene and then immediately end a special session that was called by Governor Evers to expand Medicaid. It's a move that the governor says we bring this data one time bonus of $1 billion in federal money, and Aaron Rodgers says he loves his teammates, coaches and the fans. But he tells ESPN it's about character culture and doing things the right way critical of team management. In his interview with Kenny Mayne more on the risers, Packers food You can text the word packers 285561616 20 will send you that information back. Time for the WTMJ drinking Associates market update Right now, the Dow is off 42 to 34 3 51. The NASDAQ is down 8 to 13 6 52 in the S and P s off 5 to 41. 91 wtmj paella wi dot com Time saver Traffic.

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