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The only team in the NBA ranked in the top eight in offensive and defensive efficiency. I think we just continue to improve as a team defensively in regards do such a great job of fighting through pick and rolls. You know, they're constantly chasing over fighting over. And that puts a lot of pressure on the guy coming off the Springer all to make a decision and make a play center brook Lopez the bucks to get a five game road trip Sunday at Oklahoma City. College basketball, golden eagles back on the home hardware tonight. Marquette comes into the week ranked number twelve in the country. Their highest ranking in the Steve OJ hausky era tonight, they put their thirteen in L Pfizer form record on the line against the road warrior, depaul. Blue demons depaul already with wins at Saint John's and Seton Hall in big east play so far this season. The golden eagles coming off a hard. Seventy nine sixty eight wins Sunday over providence that win ran their winning streak to five moving their overall record to sixteen and three on the season. Doug, Russell WTMJ sports. Tip off of tonight's game is set for seven thirty check out the game on ninety four or five ESPN FM WTMJ's coverage of Marquette basketball. Sponsored by you line. The badgers remain on the outside of the top twenty five looking in UW visit champagne tonight to face Illinois tip off set for eight o'clock and finally John Ichiro Suzuki forty five years old. He's coming back right with the roof. Seattle. Mariners. Oh. Here's Lee signs a minor league contract with the Mariners. It'll pay him seven hundred fifty grand if he makes the major league roster Ichi row ranks twenty third. Major league baseball is all time hitless at three thousand forty nine. Of course, if you lump in what he did oversee, and he's well ahead of Pete Rose. Yes. In terms of professional baseball hip. But of course, we look at major league baseball. But nonetheless, he's forty five. So last year he played then he became like a coach and kind of what happened. It was weird deal because there was an injury. But he was after remember this removed from the roster but stayed with your right? All along is that he could potentially come back. So he wasn't really a free agent. But he wasn't really playing like it was kind of a strange deal. But he's giving it another shot. All right. Three forty seven at WTMJ last season was one for.

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