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It can help cases from getting worse so patients can avoid being hospitalized. The General Services Administration has now ascertained that President elect Joe Biden is the apparent winner of the November 3rd election that clears the way for the start of the transition process from a Biden administration from a Trump administration. Despite efforts to block the final vote certification in Michigan, the board of Canvassers there, a signed off on a Biden victory. Here's our Mike Rossiya. The board of State Canvassers, which has two Republicans and two Democrats voted 30 to confirm the results of the election, with one abstention. Under Michigan law, Biden claims all 16 electoral votes from the state. The Trump legal team shrugged off the set back, saying the certification was simply a procedural step. President elect Biden met online today with the nation's mayors and his Started to announce his Cabinet picks, some of who have served in the Obama administration and are experienced in federal government Authorities have filed additional charges against the 23 year old gunman in the killings of two workers at a Nebraska sonic fast food restaurant in Bellevue. Roberto's Carlos Silva was charged Monday with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. No motive is yet known. Stocks closed higher today. This is AP News President elect Joe Biden's making history with his pick for Treasury secretary, Former Fed chair Janet Yellen. Yellen is widely admired in the financial world. She was the first woman to serve his Fed chair and will become the first woman to lead the Treasury. As Treasury secretary. She would face the weakened economy now in the grip of a resurgent virus, which is raising concerns of a double dip recession as states and cities re imposed restrictions on businesses and Thomas Washington. Biden's also naming a woman is director of National intelligence. Averil Haynes. Ah, former deputy director of the CIA will be the first woman to hold that director post. Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein took to Twitter to specifically named 21. Republican senators, he says, have privately expressed contempt for President Trump. Three of those who are named deny it. Jackie Quinn. AP News It's just been approved for emergency usage by the FDA. Now the government's shipping an experimental drug, the second anybody treatment for Corona virus patients, Health and Human Services. Secretary Alex A. Czar says the government will start distributing doses of an experimental anybody drug to fight Cove in 19. It's the same one president Trump received last month. We expect to distribute about 30,000 doses of the regeneration product tomorrow. With more to come. In the ensuing weeks, it's given as a one time I V treatment to Corona virus patients who are at high risk of developing serious illness. Dr. Janet Woodcock and FDA advisor to Operation Warp Speed says study suggests The drug.

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