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Coming up i think all of a sudden the markets realized that the current housing stock wasn't meeting what they were looking for build baby build but first let's do the numbers down does shows off two hundred and one points today eight tenths percent close to twenty four thousand four sixty two nasdaq shed ninety one point one point two percent seventy one forty six s and p five hundred gave back twenty two eight tenths percent twentysix and seventy there for the five days gone by the dow up four tenths percent nasdaq rallied six tenths percent higher s and p five hundred appreciate it about a half percent tech was a little troubled today apple wilted four percent on concerns about falling iphone sales toymaker mattel flop three and six tenths percent today on news at ceo is stepping down mattel and a whole bunch of other toymakers are still hurting from the closure of all those toys r us stores bond prices fell yield on the ten year treasury note rose to two point nine six percent pay attention to bonds peeps you're listening to marketplace just as you count on marketplace for reliable depth news and information we are counting on listeners like you to invest in what we do the more people who support marketplace the more we can do to raise economic intelligence across this country you'll reap the rewards every time you listen knowing that you're helping marketplace make people smarter about the economy and why it matters and don't forget your donation will be matched dollar for dollar when you give today thanks to a generous challenge from our friends at condado now's the time folks go to marketplace dot org and make a gift to become a marketplace investor today this marketplace podcast is brought to you by cronos noone complimentary when their paycheck is correct but make one mistake and you risk alienating your entire workforce with cronos they make sure your payroll is done right the first time from punch to paycheck embedded checklists simplified were close a single source of truth hr payroll talent and timekeeping in one unified system all with a proven implementation approach and simplified transparent pricing learn more at cronos dot com slash payroll kronos workforce innovation that works and by amazon music the simplest way to listen to the music you love discover tens of millions of songs including today's hottest new releases and thousands of.

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