Stefan Kannik, TOM, Lankford discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


You a proud supporter of michigan state and believes in giving back to this round the humidity and its members for man is you look at numbers what do you think wild are spectacular of a shooting for michigan state 14 of 19 from the field 74 percent the 3point shooting 6 of 9 sixty seven percent just outstanding by love this one fourteen made field goals 10 assess nobody's going one one right now everyone's playing a team game team off fence along watching are right now it's been a good good first half so far sam believable top score right now commissioners day with ten point two jackson saab rebounders jackson kopasus guy bridges that it with four zero miles bridges distributing yoga defense isn't really keen on him but miles doing a good job with asked that you actually agree would say that as the basketball from the ball stefan kannik now goes over to apple beyond the we word over there to carpenter fact word for another three ball he's got what two of them now i believe it's three three of them as eleven and now we have a 38 eighteen games michigan state's lead has been trimmed the twenty six twelve left first have dumped ball now the mcquaid actor tom and the wing lankford not much there so look the ball over the kennedy goings back to thom the shock wa lankford abby elbows step back mid range jump shot is there any body bettered with that i don't think so i don't think so either 3's got nine cleveland say with the ball on transition kenny carbon emissions are way up rebound michigan say here comes them as you well low confusion by the defense but not a bad job getting back ipo's pass to kenny going through mcquaid way overthrown intercepted by canada and it gets it on the side word this time you're missing three rebound comes out too xavier tillman and if you say it will slowing up at 520 to go on a first reading it forty two eighteen over late wednesday lag ruin the basketball balls being castorama premer general shock guatieri available not much there in the wing langer from three added this is unbelievable lake road on his own 501 rondo three eighteen are you kidding me with just under five we go in the first half and we've got two.

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