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The SEC Guild show talking about college football playoff committee rankings from last night Number one Alabama number two, The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame number three Clemson and the number four, the Ohio State University. Then had Texas A and M in at number five and number six. You had Florida now joining us, A man that played for Florida ended up being the sixth overall pick in the 1995 NFL draft. Played for the ST Louis Rams, the Tennessee Titans and did win a Super Bowl as well made two pro Bowls in the National Football League. That, of course, is Kevin Carter College football on CBS. Kevin What's happening, My man Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too. Thanks for having me what game And I appreciate you coming on. What game? Do you think I'm most excited for this weekend? If you had to take a guess. Maybe the Iron Bowl. I'm going with you and Alabama person not. I'm gonna respectfully disagree. I don't mind Alabama. I'm super excited for Michigan and Penn State. I just want to see how much of this Mr that is. Uh, you know what? That's a game that unfortunately neither of them can afford to lose something. They couldn't afford to lose the game. They've lost us for this season. Let alone be the one that actually ends up at the very bottom of the big 10. So yeah, I get that. Would you agree that Penn State's been more disappointing this year that Michigan I know Michigan's two and three, the Penn State People thought that this was a legitimate you know, Top eight top 10 football team before the season started. Yeah, Penn State really is disappointing. I mean, you know, all of us experts basically had everything wrong. I mean, we thought that this would be the team to challenge Ohio State. You know, in the big 10 e. I mean, this was This was the team. I mean, they didn't have quite the numbers they had last season. Of course you have people like Michael Parsons opting out. But still, I mean, you know, pretty good defense of line you bring in Kurt Carioca in the offseason. Former Minnesota play caller. He's working, you know, with Sean Clifford's and working on their passing game kind of getting more of a pro style approach, you know, decision making, and, you know, the result is their number 10, and they think scoring a temper 11th and the big the Big 10 in scoring offense. Going offense and also, um They're not doing so well on defense, either. They're like last in the big 10 sacks last in interceptions, so neither part of this team really is holding up center. The bargain and they really mean they don't look uninspired, but they're just making a lot of mistakes. They have a ton of penalties. And they're really playing poppy football if you were Harbaugh. If there was NFL interesting, you assume there would be with what he did in the National Football League, the last time get into a Super Bowl on 300 C championship games. With one year left on your deal of Michigan. Would you leave your home A model? Would you leave your school and go back to the pros before it really gets ugly? And maybe they have to act you or would you continue to stay through it and continue to be the head coach of Michigan? Well, it all depends on his individual feelings on the situation. I mean, sometimes gratification in your job comes from being in the place that you love and being that being in place That means a lot to you. It might mean more to him to make Michigan a winner at some point if they'll have him regardless of how long it takes him to do so, Um, but you know, for the quality of life and maybe to do something that's more enjoyable on a day to day basis. You might head back to the NFL. I mean, at this point, you've got up you were. The coach has that you don't have to look at your coaching style and look at the way that you've been relating to these players. And how you've been building it. How you've been delegating to your assistance and how you've been bringing your team along and presenting them to the to the rest of the country. And that process, you know of Of coach player engagement development evolution of your team. You know, collective football like you just really hasn't gone in their favor. I mean, and they've had so many little things happened over the years. I mean, there's Famous plays associate ID with Michigan football that we keep saying over and over again that are heartbreaking. You know, it's kind of like when you think about Georgia and how many times you know they've lost a toe Auburn or in big games, Or had this cookie things happen so You know, it might mean more to him to stay. That's that's a personal decision, and I'm really you know, Astana mentioned it to know what his intentions are going forward. Kevin Carter here with us on exactly help show CBS Sports Radio. You being a Florida guy now working for CBS is well. I always look for crazy, just chaotic situations with the college football playoff. How likely do you think it is? Florida Right now is number six that Florida wins out and then if they meet up with Alabama in the SEC title game that they take down Alabama We'll be happy offense to do it. I don't think there's a defense, you know, in the in the country back and back and stop this team, I mean, offensively, they're just absolutely a juggernaut. Um Cal Trask has been masterful the quarterback position. He's kind of taken this this, you know this opportunity that he's gotten that he's waited so long for I mean in high school and and in college, and he's around with it. I mean, he's choking the life out of opportunity, and he's not looking back so Um if many of 12 or 13 different targets in the passing game, I mean, making use of, you know, just the fleet of tall, rangy wide receivers. Trevan guns. I'm Jacob Copeland. Xavier Henderson. Justin. Shorter of guys. We're all over 64. I mean, and, of course, No carpets. You know, he's the he's the study's been out for a couple of weeks. You've got the major weapons that lines up everywhere. Former high school quarterback and areas Tony who's just lines up in the slot, running back quarterback everywhere on the offense, and then you've got the back. You've got Leak. Davis, You've got Damien Pierce you've got I mean they Kwan, right? I mean, you've got guys dude all over the place that catching passes, and now the competition's been out. You've got You know, Tim or Gamble? You got Count Dipper. They stepped up it tight end. I mean, they've got dudes so this offense is nearly unstoppable, especially when they drop back to pass. But defensively. That's where I think they don't match up quite with Alabama in the Alabama defense isn't what it was. But with Dylan Moses back in that lineup, and then you've got the Bryan Rehm Christian bar more up front. You got some quality guys in the back end. This is a good Alabama defense. Not great, but good. And that's where I think in Alabama has the edge. If they go, you know head to head for the defense has been better as of late. Mean to the last four games had given up less than 300 yards on the total offense, But they still give up a lot of points in the first half. They have been really, really good in the second half, though. I mean, they seem to put the clamps on. Florida picks up its scoring in the second half and blows people out, and they're able to hold people off. And then, of course, the complexion. You know the game changes. People fall behind and they got a pass and You know, Florida finds itself leading the SEC and quarterback sacks. So you know who knows how that game will go. It'll come down a special teams in defense. Does, Nick say, but not being on the sideline for the Iron Bowl affect this game because he tested positive for covert 19? I still think Alabama's gonna win going away against Auburn, but save it not being there have in effect. Don't think so, Um, the one thing about Nick's saving and I played for him during the NFL. The save in NFL experiment, um, for two years down down in Miami, But the one thing that I can say is The way he delegates responsibility and in the way that he relates his players the way that he build his team and the way he's built Alabama You know that?.

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