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Trans and her name was Ryan Milton eighteen year old Caleb to sin and a fourteen year old girl are in custody in relation to that murder a third suspect still at large eighteen year old Antoine hill of Fairfield was killed Wednesday night not far away eighteen year old Romell Velasco Wes is been charged with his murder until those back to back killings liberty township hadn't seen a murder in six years if you can help police call crime stoppers at three five two thirty forty in blue Asha Singh there's different ages different races different anything you could possibly classify a person as you saw it all here today demonstrators gathered last night to protest the death of George Floyd nine new saying about five hundred people rallied in the town square there's a March through Oakley and Hyde Park getting under way at this hour at Madison park that's near Withrow high school will be a rally in front of walnut hills high school as well Cincinnati's mayor was on her own bill Cunningham today talking about his budget proposal that includes an increase in police funding about a million dollars more I don't believe in defining a place I do believe that the federal government and the state government can and should do more on mental health and addiction and homelessness because our officers are often asked to do social work and mental health stuff that they're not trained or expected to do John Cranley says there is an increased need for officer training and low level has now banned the use of no knock warrants and named the new ordinance for Brianna Taylor that was a unanimous vote last night Brianna Taylor was sleeping when she was fatally shot by local police on a drug investigation back in March no drugs found at her home Kentucky senator rand Paul was introduced federal legislation that would also ban no knock warrants nationwide on Wall Street right now the Dow is up two hundred eighty nine points the nasdaq up fifty nine in the S. and P. up twenty four I'm Jacque Crumley our next update at one thirty breaking news anytime news radio seven hundred WLW our favorite things feel made for you your education should.

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