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By boat that is not what you want to do it adding to the concerned local reservoir opening floodgates to relieve pressure worsening the flooding in some neighborhoods Derek Dennis ABC news Connecticut lawmakers are looking to address school lunch dat the general assembly's committee on children will hold a public hearing Tuesday on a bill prohibiting disciplinary action against public school children with unpaid lunch bills the proposal would also allow any public or private entities to pay off such that various Connecticut school districts have seen school lunch that's on the rise in Pennsylvania school district apologize last year for warning parents who are behind on their lunch bills that their children could end up in foster care Chinese state media publishes speech by president Chinese president xi Ching paying that he gave on February third was an apparent attempt to demonstrate the Communist Party leadership acted decisively from the beginning thus bought up criticism of she over why the public was not alerted sooner the national health commission that says there were two thousand and nine at new cases of the corona virus in mainland China bringing the total to sixty eight thousand five hundred the death toll top sixteen hundred Americans on board the quarantine diamond princess cruise ship which is currently docked in Japan are being flown back to the United States but will face another two week quarantine once they get back three hundred and fifty five people on the ship have tested positive for the virus one of those people as American Jerry Jorgensen who was on the ship with her husband mark and a video on Facebook at Jerry detailed what happened after she tested positive for the virus and was taken to a Japanese hospital it was a four hour ambulance drive to get here from the ship once I got here the D. ed temperature check full blood work chest X. ray and a cat scan approximately four hundred Americans and their families on the diamond princess could be arriving in Sacramento California as early as today Rhode Island state police say they were stood a Levin people on driving under the influence charges since Thursday this includes a man who was pulled over twice on Valentine's day according to police Patrick K. hell was pulled over at about three AM Friday while driving the wrong way on interstate ninety five north bound in Warwick in court he pleaded no contest but was pulled over again Friday night on I ninety five in east Greenwich he's being detained pending a court hearing on Monday it's two fifty one traffic.

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