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But did she ask you you tolan no she was somebody who was like it's bachelorette party or whatever and i was like please don't ask me and i was like thinking about what i was gonna say i was going to be like i'm alone i didn't know we have solitude i didn't have any words myself so far it ain't going great i just been naked this whole time they'll right now you know there's nothing that i could say that moment that would have gone over well in the room at least you didn't it was a it was a middle school please don't call me teacher kind of situation okay now she begins to do these chance and things and i'm participating and of course my voice is sticking out like a sore throat that goes it's the octave lower than you participating in this environment and then she begins to talk she's got a lot of ideas that i find questionable metaphysically speaking about the energies and manifesting flames on top of our heads and oh sheep we began to caress a flame on top of our heads i'm literally in a group of women caressing invisible flame on top of my head like trying to get the thing to light i don't know what we were trying to do but i did it i was there for that then she breaks out a picture of the mona lisa not making any of this do prop work she's like what do you notice about this woman doesn't sound like yoga at all it was the man and i was so happy by the end i gotta tell you and so she holds up a picture of the mona lisa and she's like what do you notice about this and people are like answering in the class or whatever and but she's like the smile you see that some people might call it a smirk i don't like to use the word it's very gentle smile you can do a lot with that smile for this next exercise i want all to make this expression i want saul a man stand on his head without his hands for five minutes simply making this smile.

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