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Them country For example samsung has always been very. Strong and united states of america is over. The last many years has been good. Who grants or anyone wanting to travel with about it but When we launched in india in issue for example realize that enables not ready. I i'm sonate really the price points more details and behind offering samsonite at. It wasn't fitting so we had another brand in your call. American tourist very strong quiet time back strategy will american and that really works because the american tourists who as the eib brandon india and a very very strongly and the woman. We started doing that. You found that Get actually being able to position. American tourist which we call the tough international garbage and that was a very strong proposition in indian environment. When as an indian one would expect a lot of toughness in the back. It's not just a and Imagery we lost the reality indians. Do get enamored little when something international and of value something which is valued across to the really works for american to restrain in that stage and we got success in india if he would have tried to do it with samsonite. maybe he would not have been successful. Likewise in countries like japan you better brand. Gregory drought products between agree and to me in japan we have contribution to a total business. Slow really look at the market is and accordingly. We haven't did the too. So that's what giving doing and of course apart from that there are many other Or which really took into account the biggest fund which is a liberal philosophy. Was that earlier. We used to have a tendency of saying that if the the large market by let's be hundred out there. What is the market which is above a certain markets ice embrace menu. Sorry and let's say you only hundred dollars last.

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