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Itunes and download the podcast if they are curious to hear more again, we will give you plenty of warning a little bit of background on the movie, and we did mention that we went into movie, totally blind. I think we both saw the teaser trailer which didn't reveal too much and I do have the plot. Synopsis in front of me. And I think that gives us a starting point here. Lupita Yondo is Adelaide. She has two kids and husband played by Winston Duke. She went through a traumatic experience as a young girl, maybe about the same age as her son in the film. The daughter is a little bit older. And we see that event play out at the very beginning of the film and. It reasserts itself in her mind as she goes on vacation with her family and happens to visit the same town in beach where the event occurred and at some point there is a home invasion situation that involves for people who seem to look just like the four members of the family in question. Does that cover it? Yeah. And I think as you said the two of us only saw that teaser all of those things were in it. So I think we're on safe ground fair. Okay. This is pretty well known unless you did even a firmer job than weeded of not trying to learn anything about us. And we probably for the few minutes ahead. We will not proceed much further than those basic. We will. So my question for you. Yes. As we try to get into this film as we said without revealing too much. We sat down and happened to find seats at our screening right next to our next picture show colleagues Keith Phipps and Scott to buy a San at one point Keith turned you just a few minutes before the movie started and. I think he asked how scary is this going to be genuine question? Just wanting your thoughts on whether or not this is a movie where writer director, Jordan Peele was really going to be pushing the thrills and the chills and trying to really frighten us and the conversation segue to a little bit into one about how his previous home get out had some of those same horror and gore elements to it. But of course, had bigger matters on its mind. So the question became would this film behave. Similarly, I guess my question for you is does Jordan Peele. Here have something on his mind beyond horror or are the thematic or any satirical elements. Like we saw in get out completely secondary to the craft and on those terms alone does this movie worker fail. Yeah. If we go back real quickly to get out that was thought of or described as a horror comedy simply because appeals background..

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