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By a guy who doesn't get wrestling. It's bizarre propriety can be genius and a bad product you can have hit in done great things a lot of times and then you lose your touch. You know. I mean that's that's unfortunately what. It is here with vince in trying to get him to move forward i mean look at the guys who are stars right now how long. They've been around because he just can't pull the trigger and invest in somebody that may they may leave me. You know we we. Maybe he won't say the right things in the interview. He may not do this he may not do. That's why the ms is going to be there forever and a day because he's so great at doing all those things that vince wants him to do. Plus now he's got the tenure. Bobby lashley drew. Mcintyre has been there for a long long time. He just can't move forward. And unfortunately there's problems with the product to that we talk about every day. Floyd knocked out the big show. So jake paul doesn't stand a chance point. Well he did have a. Can you use a wrap. The of chains exhibitions. Because didn't he have that wrapped around his fist. Knock out joe. You know what. I don't know about showtime in all of this trailer. I can put on just to complete s show. Which is what you want out of these freak shows. You know pry. We came up in the pride k one era. We know what this show is all about. We w we know what they're all about. I don't know times going to lean all the way in to make us the disaster area. Show that i needed to be negative moment. Observer live smile. I got it scott bell. Wanna get hey travelers. Do you want to save money on your next flight. Then pick up the phone and call. That's right call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines. When they have unsold seats they use smartfares to fill them. So you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. Our prices are too low to publish online with the extra money. You'll save you. 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And i know it's because you care all the toxic fat over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not they really do make a difference especially at times that matter most. Hey drink nothing some good so thank you for talking and preparing me for what's ahead. Thanks mom never giving up and always being my biggest fan. Thank you for letting me know what you expect. So i can try to meet your expectations for more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs visit underage drinking dot. Samsa dot gov. You're listening to wrestling. Observer live with bryan alvarez and mike. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network. Elber is here wrestling. Observer live of wrestling observer. Tom yes the w show tonight of sabian just tweeted that he wants to talk to mirrow after penelope's match tonight. Oh he doesn't make good. Decisions does he. He made one decision. That's true brian. You're reading the dictatorial wrong. Because admittedly they are telling it well but candice set the flower. I just said that like ten minutes ago. It was obvious on the show. I said those words. How tense do you have to be. Well i don't know about that. But i mean some people have things in their ears. See him by the way auditor of it they got next tag their own lobe their own. Seething you heard me. I know this would be incredibly. I don't wanna read if it's going to be incredibly stupid. I'm sorry. I didn't really like anything. The next say this person says except for the main event my question. Everyone's asking about tony. I don't know. I don't know what's going on with tony storm okay. I don't know i have no idea. Sometimes it's nothing sometimes. They have an idea that they think is a good idea. In fact it's not a good idea. Sometimes they're mad at people for something. I have no idea what's going on with tony storm. I didn't even get that impression at all. So i don't know about me. I didn't say anything. Can you take off your shirt like lex luger and do the. I don't know like that. He's got the tight shirt on you ever see that clip do that one no. I'm taking my shirt off. I want to keep on twitch butter mania style you get confirmation of with their blood and guts is one man one match show. It's definitely had a one man show but as of now. I think it's a one man show. We'll find out a couple of days. Oh everybody special guest coming up at wrestling observer dot com say about that in a couple of days but anyway i wanna thank you for listening here today. Watch awa tonight. We'll talk about it tomorrow. We'll have the ratings for an t up in just a moment and we'll see how things go so thank y'all for listening. Mike is always callers and listeners. Ever the studio twitch dot tv slash w. video video data for wwl dot com sports byline wrestling observer. The mighty ten ninety. Am all the rest of us. Well talk to you. Next time. wrestling observer live. Are you sure we're talking about the same clip.

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