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What am I back? Really? I it works. All they do talk. Now. Let me close the case with the intangibles leadership. Do I want Andrew luck being the face of my friend, who I really he's just too nerdy. For me. It's like genuine Nergal. Wait, a second term. Thank you for bringing that up. That was my next point you open my door for me. Tom Brady uses off shucks, gee, whiz to deflect and dodge media rights Archie. I don't know. I don't know. We did the best. We could we just take it one game. He's playing you off. This guy is genuinely nerdy. Heels genuinely off shucks, gee whiz. Just the truth. Any like that gene genius betas doing you know that you still cannot grasp what Dak Prescott means to the Dallas Cowboys. He is the man among men. He is the voice they Avs zone. TV show called the voice is the voice of this franchise. This is the man they all listen to in the locker room. This is the man whose body language they looked to on the football field. If he's got it. We got you don't mind me asking. So. And you look I never get that sense. I'll take these intangibles any day that this is the guy. This is the alpha male of the Dallas Cowboys, I do not. Get that from Andrew luck. And I never did it Stanford. Hold on wait a minute Stanford. He lost his ball game that year. I watched the whole thing. He lost a brand new Weeden in Oklahoma state really the deck to a bowl game. I don't care. Oh, we don't care about. But you're what about when you're there? He's diamond in the rough hold on diamond. No acclaim. And all of a sudden is he not a keeper. Can I ask you a question? Okay. Who do you have the better recruiting class, Stanford or USC? Stanford does really well, but they get they get a better recruiting class at USC. They get the cream of the smart crop every year. They do they get the cream my Vanderbilt Commodores get like second helping of that. But but they get the cream every year. So you would did you not love Christian McCaffrey? Do you not think he was a little stud coming out? Did you not say he was topped by the? I'm not doing anything. I'm just telling you eight one. But you and I both know Stanford on average gifts more five four and five star recruits than Stanford. Andrew luck beat them. Tell me the game. It was that got beat Alabama. Okay. Tell me the game that Andrew luck beat USC because I want, but Jim how about you. Remember the game at USC his life. He threw a terrible intercession that lost the game. No. We don't want. Came back and won the game. He's yes. He did. He. Yeah. They won that. What what I remember? It was a terrible throat always picks it. Yeah. And he said, hey, he ran to the sideline and gave him the thumbs up nine dot guy. Coach coach, I'll guess what? Guess what my guy in his three years has thirteen game winning drives. How look at over his last three full seasons. He's got seven thirteen to seven. I got since he's been in the league since he's been in the league. So yeah. So I'll take my guy in the clutch. I'll take my guy. I love how you did that do anything. I just bad it right out in the middle of the who told me how how Andrew lucked through a pig six. Yeah. He won the game. But you don't wanna talk about those two interception hovel interceptions back through. But they won the game. What's the difference, fourth quarter and overtime? You know, the numbers. These are extrordinary numbers. I haven't seen these kind of numbers in a long time in the National Football League except from one Tom Brady up in Foxborough Massachusetts in a Super Bowl in the comeback against Atlanta. Seventeen of twenty for. Two hundred forty three yards three touchdowns and no interceptions in the fourth quarter and overtime against the Philadelphia. Eagles on Sunday. I loved who'd had a little playoff game. Oh, really down to the Kansas City Chiefs. And guess what? Now, guess guess guess who dug that hole for them? Andrew lock funding. He had thrown at thrown three big interceptions in all that. I didn't think there how to guess who the other quarterback was a guy you have little to no respect for check down. Alex. Am I right?.

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