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As a white from the let's get you up on the news you need this hour us futures and global stocks allow ahead of announcement of the us tariffs on chinese goods sources tell bloomberg that president trump has approved levies worth about fifty billion dollars and china is poised to retaliate sources also town bloomberg the call comes forty three billion dollar acquisition of semiconductors has been approved by chinese regulators she has up about two percent in early trading she has qualcomm are up about one percent and the bank of japan maintained its aggressive asset purchasing yield curve targets the move came less than twenty four hours after the european central bank map data an exit from his crisis era policies and just days after the us federal reserve again raised interest rates stories on our radar then let's get some headlines as well from around the world and say good morning to michael barr on good morning jonathan good morning tom paul manafort could be behind bars at the end of the day that's a judge agrees with special counsel robert muller's argument baddie tried to tamper with witnesses while under house arrest manafort is a former campaign chairman for president trump is accused of money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agent of ukraine us district judge amy berman jackson could also impose more stringent bail terms that manafort's ten million dollars bond with electric boundary michael collins michael cohen donald trump's longtime lawyer filed an application for a restraining order stephanie clippers lawyer michael abernathy filing was made in los angeles federal court it involves the lawsuit by the adult film actress who goes by the name stormy daniels over her alleged affair with trump more than a decade ago an afghan defense ministry official says a us drone strike in northeastern kunar province as killed pakistan taliban chief mullah foss lola global news twenty four hours a day on aaron addict doc on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm michael barr this is bloomberg jonathan thank you michael it's time.

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