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Right? Anyway, he's seven three, but he can like move like a gazelle, and he just becomes this amazing player. Here's a here's a highlight reel. Let me just want to watch some greatest some prisoners greatest hits. Yes. All right here. We go. I wonder if I'm gonna be able to tell that he's good key to find zingers has got a bit ski on a couple of fakes crossover that ten. He looks like a grownup playing in a kids Lee. Yeah. Like, he's just so much larger and faster than everybody. Basket piece tonight and more chance. He becomes this like. Icon. He's like this idol. Yeah. For Knicks fans. Right. Yeah. And then. And then on January thirty first of this year. They traded why? Why? I'm not a sports fan. But I feel really mad for them. That is exactly what every single Knicks fan in existence. I feel you Alex is going to become sports engines because one more place to give you. I know because you love that righteous resentment that you were feeling right now. But I know so we don't really know what what happened. There was a lot of talk at the time that that presents us was really unhappy possibly because of how badly mismanaged the Knicks were and how bad they were playing. And you know, he didn't want to end up in the sort of Carmelo Anthony situation where he's just like the one lone good player on the struggling team, whatever we don't know for sure. But whatever it was from the point of view of the person who made this Natalie Portman Jonathan Safran for tweet once again, the Knicks have squandered their chance to be actually good now. I know what my parents felt like every time. I was like, hey, guys, I enrolled in community college, and this this this semester together, I'm going to study. Right. I know. So what the Knicks management is saying is that like this is okay. Because now. Porzingis's contract. We don't have to pay presents us all this money. So we have now we have cap space. We have room because the whole thing with the NBA is like in an effort to make it to the rich teams. Don't just win their salary happily. You can only spend so much money in your players. Yeah. So what Knicks management is saying, basically? It's like, it's okay. We've gotten rid of porzingas, so we can spend his salary what we would have been spending on his side. We can spend that on other really good players. But then people are looking that. And being like, well, you're not going to be able to attract those players because everybody's gonna feel like Brasilia's. Nobody's going to want to come and play for you, James Dolan. Have we reached? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. This is a real sad. One. That's what makes me feel really sad. I know it's just like all about like hope and disappointment and striving and looking like a jackass. Yeah. She goes back. Okay. So this is a tweet by Michael Kaley at MC underscore of underscore, a and it is a picture of Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran four and underneath Natalie Portman. It says NBA superstars though, no offer max on tracks. The meant to say max contracts and on Jonathan Safran four hours for head. It says the Knicks. And so in the world of this tweet Natalie Portman is all of the incredible professional basketball players that the Knicks supposedly are going to get now that they've traded away Porzingis. But but since they are Jonathan Safran four they are dramatically overestimating their ability to attract good players, right? And also, I guess the Knicks have like traded porzingas his way before they've actually found the players. They're gonna get. So it's like one of my. Yeah. So they think is gonna work out. They also could just like NFL in their sad apartment. Exactly. The remnants of nightmare. All right. Thanks. Thank you. Reply was hosted by PJ vote and me Alex, Goldman were produced by Schutte Pinna Menarini FIA Benon domino, Marquette, Anna, fully, Jessica young and Emmanuel jokey or shows edited by Tim Howard, remixed by requ on fact, checking by Michelle Harris, our intern is Christina Ayla to Joseph especial. Thanks this week to Nabeel Chilin pot and Cedric shine. A theme song is by the mysterious brake master cylinder and our ad music is by Bill buildings. Matt lever is a random interaction with a stranger where afterward. You don't feel awkward? You can listen to the show on itunes Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening. We'll see in two weeks. Thanks

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